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I will say one thing that I'm remembering and I don't know if it's a habit of hers that I need to break - she sees dogs approaching her, and she will lay down and wait for them. Is this her way of saying "this is my ground, stay away"??

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Hello everyone - it's been awhile since we have posted on issues or questions about our dog, Waffles, but now I fear it's time to return.

Waffles, as some of you may know, is a little over 1 year old - going on 1 yr. 2 mo. here in February. She's a fixed female and lives in the city of Chicago with me and my girlfriend Sara. We take her for walks 3 times a day and to the park a couple of times a week, with her hating this weather and all.

Lately she has become aggressive towards other dogs, in say the past 2-3 months. I have noticed, personally, that when a dog starts to sniff her first (regardless of a girl or boy, big or small, young or old) she snaps and starts her little "gobble" as we call it when she gets a little too aggressive. When I back her off and let her know with a stern voice that isn't acceptable, I will reintroduce her slowly with restraint. When both dogs are just nose to nose and slowly ease into sniffing around, then they end up LOVING each other and playing.

I'm trying to think of a way to get around this, what can it be? Is she just naturally maturing into more aggression since she's the only Basenji in the home? Does she need to undergo some more socialization? She's been extremely well loved and socialized since she was 8 weeks old and we've never had this issue before.

Please help!!

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I was so flustered i never even thought to take the sample from the store! It was so liquid though i don't know how useful it would have been. Of course now it's back to normal, so whatever sample i bring in tomorrow will probably come up clear. I will have to ask him about stool kit so that i am prepared next time this pops up!

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Our 1 year old girl has had on and off bouts with diarrhea since we have had her, and working with vet, we have been able to manage it through diet, and she responds really well to probiotics & pumpkin whenever she does have a flare up. She had been doing so great, with really normal poops for the past month, when we were at the pet store today, and she was all kinds of hyped up because of all the dogs, toys, people petting her, etc, etc, she out of no where had explosive diarrhea right in the store. After almost dying of embarrassment, a store employee was helping us clean it up, and she pointed to some blood in her stool. Luckily, we were able to catch the vets office before they closed, and we will be bringing in a stool sample Monday morning. In the past, they have suspected she might have by IBD, but is an assumption based on the fact that everything always comes up normal.

Should we be requesting any other tests besides the fecal sample? I guess i just panicked a little at how this flare up came out of nowhere, and the presence of a little blood. Can extreme excitement trigger flare-ups like this? regardless, she will be having a dose of probiotic and pumpkin for dinner. She seems to be acting totally normal post incident, and even tried to grab a toy on the way out of the store…

She is otherwise healthy - fanconi negative, voracious appetite, lots of energy and very happy/friendly. She just has explosive diarrhea sometimes.

Are we missing something??

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We are spaying her later this month - hopefully that will help! Although she was back to her friendly self with every dog she met today…hopefully it was just that boston terrier that rubbed her the wrong way!

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I assure you, no attempt was made to catch the toy! 😃

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Waffles first trip to the dog beach, definitely the only basenji we saw 🙂

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Waffles, our 7 month old girl, growled at another dog for the first time today! It started as a casual hello with a passing dog (as happens about 10-15 times every single day) and they circled a little sniffing each other and next think i know, Waffles is growling hysterically, almost shrieking, something i have never heard her do EVER, with people or dogs! The woman with the other dog said her dog brings out the worst in other dogs sometimes, but we were horrified/embarrassed about the whole ordeal. Can dogs put out a bad vibe? I suppose he could have nipped her without us seeing, but she is normally so friendly and playful!

Is this just one random incident, or the start of an aggressive phase? We pulled her away from the other dog immediately and held her to calm her down (she seemed fine once separated), but is that the right response should this situation ever come up again?

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We are having a somewhat brutal allergy season in Chicago, and i know both Matt and I have been suffering, but i think Waffles might have allergies too! For the past couple days her nose and eyes have been pinker than normal, she has been rubbing her eyes, and they have been watering/producing eye boogers. Can dogs be affected by seasonal allergies? She has a routine vet appointment next week, but i wasn't sure if i should try to take her in sooner! (behavior wise she is acting fine - still as high energy as ever!)

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so…...................the new thing with Waffles is that we have switched her food from Holistic Select to Fromms. She wasnt eating the Holistic Select hardly at all, but she was doing great with potty training (probably because her intake of food was lower).

Now that she is on Fromms, she LITERALLY craps 5 minutes after she eats. And lets not forget, she has just gone out 15 minutes prior. Now this is suddenly happening, and hasn't happened before. It's insanely annoying and aggravating at the same time.

Any responses as to what we can do or what is causing this?

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