If you were going to add another dog….

  • If you were going to add another dog to your family, would it be Basenji?

    What if it couldn't be a Basenji?

    Is there a breed of dog that you love, but know wouldn't be a good match for you, at this time, or ever?

  • @Quercus:

    If you were going to add another dog to your family, would it be Basenji?

    What if it couldn't be a Basenji?

    Is there a breed of dog that you love, but know wouldn't be a good match for you, at this time, or ever?

    It would probably be another Basenji.

    If not a Basenji, then I would love to have a Pointer. Love the the size, the coat and the temperament.

    I have always longed to have a Siberian Husky…but the coat care, exercise requirements and heat restrictions are just more than I want to deal with. They are so, so beautiful though....

    I also love Parson Russell Terriers..but not enough to have one 😉

    I love Kelpie's too...but I prefer to have an AKC recognized breed, as it is so much easier to find competitive venues (at least in our area)

    Anybody else? 🙂

  • Well now that "doggie life" is so important to me or interesting I have to admit that the dogs I have seen at the park that have caught my eye are the pugle (pug and begel) they are so cute. My B simply loves them and they play so nice with him, very similar play. Would I have another B? Thought about it, especially since the pics of 2 B's together but honestly I don't think I could handle it. Our B is such a handful and we love him but with work, a child (teenager), and one hopefully in a few years, plus a husband (another child) it would be too much. But for sure if I had the time I'd probably have a dog farm in my back yard.

  • I had a toy poodle, so opposite from our B..he was calm, and always listened (my first love-in doggie world) but you know I like labs they seem to be so calm and sweet.

  • <_>

    Yeah, they are…when they turn about 8 years old ;)_

  • If I did a purebred, it would be a basenji because I love their independent thought processes. I love imps. but that said, I think I will always go for the pound puppy or rescue dog. They need love and a good home more than anything. I will never have another golder retreiver. They just have too much hair!

  • I have to say I would only ever own a "B"…...no other dog comes close:D

  • I want another B but I know my limits. I think the brindles are just beautiful. I too like their independence. My B is my first small dog other than fostering a pomeranian several years ago. I really hate barking so I would probably rescue an older B that is quiet. Our B now is silent. He only Baroo'd 2X and he seemed confused where it came from. Our beagle is actually pretty silent to if you can believe it. Only barks when people pass by the window.

  • I would definetly have another B but only if I had the space and more free time. I feel bad leaving Champ home alone especially since he loves and I mean loves other dogs. Honestly we love our B but wow do they require alot and alot and alot of everything. He fills our lives but I think one at a time at least until they are trained is all we can handle. Just wanted to put that in so nobody mistakes me for not loving this one of a kind breed.

  • B's are sort of my preference.:eek:

    If not a B, German Shorthaired pointer would be my next choice. I had one before, hunted him and loved him dearly…...oh and they're nutty at times just like a Basenji.🆒

  • I love Bs and I own TWO and while I'd love MORE…I would have to quit my job :eek: :eek: I just don't know how multiple owners do it...my energy is SPENT on these two!! 😃 😃

    I would LOVE a boxer...I have always loved them. Due to my allergies we're not a good match. My sister owns a couple of Bichon Frise & they are very cute but I couldn't deal with all the grooming 😃

  • I'd definitely get another B. Not a puppy, though (I love puppies, but they're too much work–I'm lazy:D ), probably at least a year old. Maybe a rescue?

    Otherwise, I love Dobies and have had two in the past.

  • I would like either a King Charles or a Border Terrier….. Of course both require grooming...ggg... and I don't look forward to that.....

  • For me it has got to be basenjis. Though I admire many other breeds none really appeal to me in the same way.

    Miss Pickle the Border Terrier was one of the first non-basenji dogs that Sophie met. She loves her and play bows and yodels at her when she sees her in obedience class.

  • I have always loved Labs. They have the sweetest, friendliest, calming disposition. But now that I have my two little B-kids, life wouldn't be quite as zesty as I've gotten used to. Plus, labs shed everywhere and is work in other ways than B's. We get used to what we have. My son's activity level brings a happy medium with Duke & Daisy. They are a lively team.

  • I love sight hounds - Afghans, Salukis, Greyhounds, Azawakhs, Borzois, Ibizans, Pharaohs - all of them! I'd love to have an Afghan especially, but grooming them is not really my thing. I also love Dobermans and GSD's. But I am a devoted Basenji slave - I think I'll always have one or more of the hoodlums in my life - there's just something about them and their fierce independence that I find irresistible!

  • I will probably always have multiple Basenjis but I also love Pomeranians. I had one for 16 years and she was a fabulous companion. I don't want just any ol' Pom though. It has to be "just right".

  • I had one of those loving companions before my B, a toy poodle named nino. He was my buddy and I loved him and still love him so. I never thought I could love another dog again and actually didn't even pet other dogs anymore and then Champ came into our lives. Two complete opposties but such wonderful companions. My first doggie love, nino and the one who showed me how to love again, Champ.

  • After reading everyone's post it seems like almost everyone would want another Basenji. I honestly have to give you all props! I have a puppy a 4 mth old puppy who keeps me on the edge of my seat everyday. I love him to death but I don't think I would want another Basenji. Chance is unique to me. One in a million (if that makes any sense)
    Many people have told me that two B's are better than one. Maybee that is true but one B takes all my energy…two and i'd be pooped!
    I would however love to get a Great Dane. It has been my dream dog since i was a little girl. I dont know how a Basenji and Great Dane would get along. That would be an interesting combination.

  • I have had other dogs, and for me Sahara has been my best dog yet!!!!! I had a poddle that I never could get housebroken, my ex-husband got her. Growing up I had mix breed dogs, but it is my Basenji that I would repeat. She is the best and smartest dog that I have ever own, besides she makes life interesting, yes she is work but all things worthy are work. Think about it, and all things are hard before they are easy. Sahara is also the most loving and always has to be near you, b/c she loves you and you know it. I will probably get another in 2-3 yrs from now. This time from a good breeder than a petshop. I would love a black and white in my future.

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