Updated pics…the Basenji/Beagles are 4wks old today :)

  • That's excellent news! I hope you will post more pictures as they get older. It will be interesting to see how they turn out. Very cute pups! 🙂

  • Keep your eye on Girl 1-she looks like trouble! LOL they are very cute. Thanks for the updated pics. We are all very interested in seeing how they turn out. Honey looks very, very tired.

  • Thanks for the photos.

  • Wow, great that they all found good homes!

    The pictures are so cute!
    Last time they really looked like a basenji and now they are all fluffy!

  • First Basenji's

    Oh i found the pictures hhaha! I wonder what they will look like as adults its a very interesting combo.. Did you purposing breed the two?

  • They are adorable! I am definately starting to see more beagle in their coat and markings, also their noses are rounder… Glad you found good placements where you can watch them grow- perhaps an annual summer party together will be in order...

  • The puppies really are adorable - hope to pictures as they grow so we can see how they actually turn out. Happy to read they have all been placed and have homes to go to. Happy endings, wagging tails.

  • Great that they are going to homes! They are all growing very well and are totally sweet!

  • I'm so pleased you've got homes for them all and with friends so you'll be able to keep an eye on them. Ditto re pictures when they're older. I wonder if their ears'll go up or stay down!

  • Me too! I THINK the last girl and the tri girl will have stand up ears cuz they are a LOT smaller than the rest. Still floppy atm but very small petite ears on them.

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