What did your Basenji do for you today?

As many of you know the cost of fuel is currently out of control in the United States. The park where I walk Roo, is 6 miles away from our house. Since Roo is very concerned with the current fuel prices, and he enjoys seeing me sweat, he convinced me to buy him a bike trailer ( Burley Tail Wagon ), just so he could help me save gas getting him to the park.


Hey, shouldn't he be walking and you be riding?

Great pictures !
I consider buying one for my whole family : high fuel prices in the USA ?
1 liter of this liquid gold costs 2.4 DOLLARS here in Belgium !!:(
That's over a period of 5 years three times as expensive.
Think I'm gonna sell my Benz. He's doing 7 liters of gasoil on 100 km. Far to expensive.

Cute pictures…maybe you could get a Husky or a Malamute to pull both of you in the trailer? 😉

Yea definitely invest in a Husky for your next canine! Talk about saving not only with fuel & but with your man power as well 😉

Nice ride!

When I was a teenager, my first B would pull me around on my skateboard. She loved to run, and I didn't mind being pulled around either!

Ha! Years ago we had a chow-shepherd mix that would pull my husband around on a bike. Great fun for both of them except for random cat sightings…then the ride got a little scary! :p

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