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  • Congrats - now we need pics ;-)

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  • Congratulationas, hope everything works out well for you all

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  • Keeping my fingers crossed that your landlady approves… maybe you can tell her that two basenjis are always better than just one? :)

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  • Hehe I'll have some begging to do if she says no- she fits in perfectly and even has the OH wrapped around her finger n he wasn't at all keen on the idea to start with. We want her to stay :)

    Will post pics shortly ;)

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  • heres some piccies :)

    i added an extra one of Hope and Diodji (from previous thread) our new basenji friend that we met at the dog park :)

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  • How cute! Hope it works out.

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  • Oh she is very cute! They look to be getting along just fine - if they can eat in each other's presence without being afraid of food stealing, that's a very good sign.

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  • I thought that too (about the food). But I do feed them separately so there's no issues :)

    It's currently 2:45 am here and I've been slowly kicked out of bed :P hehe

    And in awesome news: landlady got back to us and said as long as there's no problems: its a YES :)

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    Hooray! I'm so pleased that Hope is able to keep her companion.

    Lovely pictures of them.

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  • Congratulations on the new addition :)

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