• We have a new family member, Chipley. He is a black and white boy, 4-6 years old, a BRAT "failed foster". I always say "I don't foster" and there is a reason, it's because I can't!
    Chipley is darling, calm and a perfect fit with Nicky and Eddie, he moved in last Saturday. He is a great dog park dog, Eddie likes having a brother, and after a couple of days of 'stink eye' at first, Chipley was as concerned about Nicky as Eddie was when she got sick. Tonight he stretched out by her on the couch and she put her head on his back and fell asleep.
    But he has a wild side. Last night at the park he got a great play with two larger dogs, ran up and down the beach and in and out of the water, swimming to play with them. So he got his first bath when we got home!

    He is named for the town/shelter where he was taken as a 'stray' but his manners are perfect. We feel so lucky to have such a great guy, it's like he has been with us for years. Chipley, Chipper, Chip, snuggle-boy, and many,many more. One of these days I'll figure how to post photos…..

    So life has been chaotic for us for this past week. New guy, Nicky in the ICU, but all is calm at home now.

  • Yea, a failed foster…Lucky Chipley. Photos please.

  • Congrats!!! Can't wait to see him!

  • Chipley sounds like a great new addition! Pictures please! How is Nicky coming along?

  • Nicky is resting here in her dog bed, ate her dinner and drinking OK. Weak, very little energy, but kissing our hands, able to really relax and rest.

  • Here goes, hope this works.

  • @MacPack:

    Here goes, hope this works.

    What a handsome guy Anne! I love black and whites!

  • Glad to hear that Nicky is home and doing well…

    ...and your new boy is lovely 🙂

  • We are failed foster parents too! Kell moved into our hearts and never left. So glad he has you!

  • First Basenji's

    The best kind of failure. 🙂 Congrats, and good to hear that things are moving along with the pack. I aspire to be as efficient and as cool a multi-tasker as you seem to be!

  • what a cutie! and he goes with your color scheme

  • Chipley is a great dog - for his first visit to the park last week he did very very well - got along with everybody, even Miss Snarky, and you know who I mean! We all knew this would not be a "foster." Glad to hear Nicky is improving - and that she is accepting of the new boy in the house as well.

  • Good to meet Chipley. I hope Nicky is continuing to improve.

  • Thanks to everyone for the 'welcome' for Chip. Nicky is much improved, almost back to normal.:D

  • I think Chipley is very handsome! It's always hard to get a good photo of a black dog, and he looks so beautiful in yours. Congratulations! And I am very happy to hear that Nicky is improving. Best of luck to you.

  • There is a problem with Chipley: He loves to play/swim in the water at the beach.

    Now I have a wet, sandy dog to wash every night; all our 'water-dog-friends' are laughing at me now, I have been a lazy dog owner with my clean dry basenjis

    Seriously, if I could have designed the perfect adult dog to join our household, it would be Chip.

  • Houston

    Anne..I am so happy to "meet" chipley..he is adorable, sounds like the perfect match with your pack and household..can't wait to see more of him.
    I am also so happy to hear that Nicky is doing better and better every day..jippea.

  • First Basenji's

    Handsome indeed! any idea how old? are those lighter whiskers down his muzzle?? Just curious; and Uzie said he wanted to meet him too! Give Nicky a big kiss for us! Deb PS: is Nicky eating up to par? if she is not on a restricted diet, those Silk Balls should be good. I made a rendition of them (and not as many as the original recipe) for Uzie, just oatmeal and ground chuck though. He mended well and gained his weight back. The only repercussion from the meatballs was that he thought they tasted just as good the 'second time around…' Now I am testing pineapple bits just like an episode from Victoria Stillwell. Supposedly the pineapple acts as a deterrent for the taste. I think it is working....

  • Very handsome boy your a great mom. Great and loving foster care I like your style.

    Rita Jean

  • Chipley is such a great addition for us! Thanks to everyone for kind welcoming words.

    As for Nicky, she is eating Hills I/D in 4 small feedings a day, I add a little plain rice, or small bits of chicken to add variety and so far she is eating it. (She is allowed plain rice, plain pasta or chicken as treats), hopefully we can resume fairly normal food in a few weeks. She is back to normal, outwardly anyway.

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