• I just recently joined this forum and posted info under the new members forum about my new Basenji named Cali.
    MY brother met Cali a couple of days ago and instantly did not like her because of her aloof demeanor. He said that my dog is a wimp and would coward around his dogs. He has a Italian Mastiff, Rottweiler, and Boxer.
    As I mentioned in the new members forum I have previously owned aggressive breed dogs and have no problems being around them. Today my brother comes over unannounced and brings his Mastiff by the name of Brandy and his Boxer named Lady.
    Cali immediately started to approach the Mastiff and the Mastiff ran away from her and tried to hide behind my brother. She then started barking profusely at Cali, but did not approach her. Lady the Boxer picked up one of Cali's toys and Cali bit her (a little snip). Is this normal behavior for Basenjis? She did all this while remaining calm and unafraid. She definitely stood her ground.
    Of course my brother won't be calling Cali a wimp again. She also barked (or something similiar to a bark) and growled at my brother.
    I can see that training her is going to be very challenging, but she is so sweet and lovable. Maybe she didnt like 2 strange dogs being in her home.

  • Jazzy is always first to approach another dog, and never backs down , and if challenged, is always ready to "bring it on". BUT, usually a stern word or pull on her collar settles her. . . . a bit. But she'll never, ever be the one to back down.
    And if any dog DARES to take one of her treats or toys…yeah, she turns into what we call The Tasmanian Devil Dog. LOL

  • Hollie is also a mixed breed. She is Basenji and Whippet. I found out early on that she fears no other dogs. She is approximately 30 lbs and almost 2 years old. She plays with dogs of all sizes on a regular basis and backs down from none. Her "boyfriend" at the local dogpark is a 6 month old Irish Wolfhound ,whose favorite game is let's put Hollie's head in my mouth, this puppy is already 3 times her size in body (not sure of his weight at this point - but he is expected to be over 170 lbs full grown). Hollie plays with the Mastiffs, Ridgebacks and other large breeds. I prefer this now, seeing how rough a basenji can be when playing.

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