• I have noticed lately that Cali will not eat any food out of her dog bowl anymore. When I first got her from the Humane Society they were feeding her Science Diet which she did not eat even after trying to mix it with the Science Diet soft food. I have started her on Pedigree and a few times a week I will mix soft dog food with it and she normally devours it.
    Well the past few days I had noticed that she has been leaving her dog bowl full, even if I put soft food in it. Sometime on occasion I will give her some table scraps, but not often. I tried to give her a piece of banana this morning which she usually loves, but she spit it back out on the floor.
    The only time she will eat her food now is if I put in in her Kong or lay it directly on the floor😕 If I do this she will devour it up, but she seems to have an aversion to her dog bowl. Oh, and also, if her water is not cold enough she will not drink it. I usually give her bottled water from the fridge or put a couple of ice cubes in her drinking water ( I have created a spoiled BRAT) Now I will have to figure out how to get her to start eating out of her bowl again.
    Does anyone else's Basenjis have any eating quirks? She still ceases to amaze me. Everything day I learn something new about her and it makes me appreciate having found her even more. Even though she has me pulling my hair out almost everyday I wouldnt trade her. My mother asked me if I regret getting her and I say absolutely not.
    Oh No gotta go she just bought a chewed ink pen to me in her mouth!!! Whew;)

  • Why does she have to eat out of a bowl?
    Why not try feeding her on a pan or platter – something with more shallow sides than a bowl?

  • I never thought about a plate or platter. I might have to try this.

  • I understand about the Science Diet - all my Basenjis have hated it! We use Eukanuba Lamb and Rice or Kirkland Lamb and Rice from Costco mixed with a little warm water and a tablespoon or so of Pedigree canned. (of course, they also get a little Red Barn rolled, green beans if I'm trying to get them to lose weight, left-over bait from the dog shows… no, ours aren't spoiled either!) Only get the Pedigree canned puppy or the CHOPPED dinners (not the chunk) as those are the only ones without wheat. Lots of Basenjis are sensitive to wheat. My daughter feeds Purina One Lamb and Rice.

    A plate or pie tin might work for her. Sometimes they just get notions!!! One of my girls won't eat if her dish isn't in the right place on the mat.


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