• this little story is about how our Basenjis were sighted by someone else.
    Before Christmas we went to our caravan in Scotland, we stopped to do some last minute shopping in a town on the way up.
    When i came out of a shop Howard told me a lady had approached to look at Malaika and Kwame, she told him she had , had nine Basenjis in the past. I was sorry i missed her as most of us enjoy a good Basenji chat. Within ten minutes we bumped into her again, this time she told us her address and invited us to visit. We politely nodded but had no intention at this point of taking her up. Within a few minutes she found us again and this time had written her address and number down.
    At the end of our holiday i decided to ring and we arranged to visit.
    The couple are lovely people and made us, Malaika and Kwame very welcome into their home. Only Basenji people could smile as Kwame rubbed his head all over their tea towel and raided the kitchen bin.
    It was very interesting to hear about their Basenjis that they had in the 70's and they were even members of the same Basenji club we belong to now.
    We had such a lot in common, from Basenjis to collecting dolls to collecting pebbles and driftwood. It was as if we were supposed to meet and we are going to keep in touch.

  • What a lovely story! I find that most basenji people have things in common (insanity?) and how lovely that you met her, and went for the visit. I'm sure it was the highlight of their holiday season!

  • Aww that is a delightful story. It seems that B people get along because how often to we get to see other people with basenji's? Whenever I see someone I am always asking questions…...does your B do this? does you B do that? and we compare stories. Yes, I do think that all B people must have some quirk ourselves that makes us love these guys.

  • I'm now convinced that our basenjis are with us to guide our lives. They really chose US, not the other way around. Imagine the joy you have brought to this couple, as through Malaika and Kwame, they are remembering their 9 basenjis. Is it possible that your dogs were related to theirs? That would definitely give me goosebumps!

  • I always think its so sad when people who've had Basenjis no longer are able to. Its wonderful that this couple happened to meet your two and were able to share them for a while. I hope you'll keep in touch with them. You don't give their names maybe for confidence but maybe you could share the names of the Basenjis they had?

  • Helena,
    yes we are going to keep in touch, i have sent them a link to Sally's site. They couldn't find the paperwork for the dogs but one of the dogs came from a wing commander ? and they remember the name Horsley, another dog came from Liverpool. They belonged to the nbs in the 70's.

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