Here's your chance….....

  • **BRAT is asking us all to take a few seconds each day to help them out.

    By voting in the "Spring Shelter Challenge" they could be in line for some very serious financial aid. The Spring Shelter Challange started today and in order to put BRAT on top, we all need to stay the course and vote every single day. This challenge ends midnight Aug. 22, 2010.

    It only takes about 40 seconds to vote and in that little bit of time you can insure that hundreds of our beloved Basenji's get the care, love and happiness they so deserve.

    Please give 40 seconds a day for our breed.

    You won't believe how great ya feel the other 23 hours 59 minutes and 20 seconds….:D

    A great big 'Baroooo Thank You' goes out to all who vote...;)**

  • Yes, this is a good thing!

  • Providing I am doing the right thing… It doesnt want to accept either BRAT, brat or Basenji Rescue and Transport ???

    Anyone else having a problem, or is it just that I am trying to do it from Australia 😕😕😕.

    I really want to help 🙂

  • Tis ok now, I found out what to do in the other thread :o

  • I tried to vote but couldn't remember the location of BRAT, maybe for the benefit of other members you could repeat the information.

  • **Here's what you need to put in the search boxes….

    Put "BASENJI" in the first box, then tab down two (2) boxes and put in "TX" in the state box and hit 'SEARCH'.

    This will bring up BRATS info and allow you to vote.

    After you vote, you'll be asked to confirm your vote, type in the animals name shown and hit confirm.

    Wait a few seconds, it will show the current standings, and right now we're #4.

    Lets put BRAT in the number one slot this time…..and Thanks for voteing....**

  • Voted - I always go to the link that Sharron gave us before - is that the same site?

  • Keep voting everyone - we are currently in 4th, but I think we can really get on the bandwagon and head for the top!

  • Patty, yes, its the same site…

  • I voted and we need a lot more! Come on basenji people!

  • Can we still vote on multiple computers?

  • Come on folks - lets see if we can push BRAT higher!

  • Houston

    Come on peeps, let's vote…

  • You can have an e-mail reminder each day with a link straight to the site.

  • **Today we're 6th.,:eek: lets turn this around.

    Call your :Dfriends, :mad:enemies, 😕people ya don't know, :opeople that won't admit they know ya, pull out all the stops, we can put BRAT in #1🆒 where it belongs.

    Thanks for all the votes so far, :rolleyes:…there's a long way to go....hang in there;)


  • Just voted for today.

  • I voted as well, you can get a daily reminder from the site to vote. I find its helpful.

  • Sharron, where can we sign up on that page for the 'daily reminder'? I can't seem to find it. Thanks!

  • My daily reminder comes from
    The Animal Rescue Site

  • Sorry, I don't remember how I got signed up.

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