• On the floor that is.

    I turned around for a couple of seconds to grab something and Bella made her move. She grabbed the tiny corner of paper towel (under the soup bowl) and pulled my dinner right off the counter onto the floor. Glass bowl shattered and soup went everywhere.

    Who'd have thought this innocent looking face could do such a thing? :rolleyes:

  • Let me guess–did she eat the soup?? Never ever ever turn your back on your soup or your paper towel which is to a basenji just as delicious as soup!!

  • pssst, Bella. Good denial face 🙂

  • "I didn't didn't do it"! Paper towel too close to the edge is very dangerous.

  • She didn't get a chance to eat the soup. The BANG made by the bowl shattering on the tile floor scared her for a few seconds. Too much broken glass to let her clean up her own mess.

  • Bella looks like butter wouldn't melt 😃

  • Bella your so very pretty the mouse in the house must have caused that mess right???

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    How funny..we have the same going on here..on a daily basis..Otis is a big thief..Moses, the podengo, is even worse..

  • Bella is quite the handfull. My previous two B's Alex & Cassi exhibited all the typical Basenji behaviors, but Bella takes things to a whole new level. She definitely gives credence to the theory that Tri's are the most "trying".

    One minute she's sitting quietly on the couch, the next minute she's running off with a doormat or pulling up a piece of carpet.

  • Maverick likes to try and steal the Grease Drip can from the Smoker outback!! NAUGHTY Mav! lol Then he blames it on Aiden!! Geoff will go :WHO spilled the Grease?!" and Maverick looks at Aiden and whines and Aiden goes "MAVY DID IT DAD I SAW" LOL Too cute!!

  • Craigh, I thought I had the only carpet puller/doormat thief in the world! She's a B&W though. She was sound asleep one day and I thought I'd sneak in a shower. Before I got into the shower I heard this hideous yelp. She had got up from her nap, gone into the bedroom and knocked the ironing board over on her head, all in the space of less than a minute!

  • Aries has hardly done anything wrong yet. She didn't even join in Katie's stealing the plastic hangers from the basket and chewing them up today. (oops, usually leave the hangers in the basement, but I was too lazy to bring them down right away).

    I did find a whole carton of Bil Jac Liver treats in her crate, with the carton ripped up and all of the treats eaten. I actually found myself thinking, "oh good, she is getting comfortable here"


  • @Lenora:

    She had got up from her nap, gone into the bedroom and knocked the ironing board over on her head, all in the space of less than a minute!

    LOL. Bella almost beaned herself during Christmas. She jumped up on the hearth and tried to pull down one of the stockings. It was held up by a very heavy wrought iron stocking holder. I heard it hit the floor and came into find her with the stocking in her mouth. It must have just missed her by an inch or so.

    She had gone for 3 weeks with no interest in the stockings. Don't know why they managed to get her attention that particular day. I sure hope she calms down at least a little bit when she's older. :eek:

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