Meeting a new friend

I am sure my question is on this forum, but I have searched and can't find the response. My brother is coming to visit for a day (we live 2 hours apart). He is bringing his 10 week old basenji with him. We have a BRAT rescue that we think is about 2 years old. He is VERY calm, easy going, shy, etc.
He loves other pets we meet and some strangers, you just never know about people and how jonny will react.
My question is what is the best way to have HANK the puppy come to visit. My only interaction with other dogs and jonny is outside, not in his home or on his turf? thanks!

When your brother arrives, leash Jonny up and all of you go for a long walk together. They may grumble at each other at first, but in a few blocks they will be sniffing the same things and soon walking side by side, then walk into your home with them together like it is the most natural thing. And they will be tired and empty! Before they arrive, pick up any "high value'" favorite toys or chews, anything that might make Jonny upset. Feed them separately, set them up for success by limiting things they might grumble about.

If the puppy is crate trained, or Jonny is, be sure there are crates where they can have some quiet time…a 10 week old pup would drive my older dogs nuts! Also allows you to separate them if Jonny is not happy to have a baby there.

If there is a dog park near you, you might meet at the park and let them get to know each other there, then go home together. But a nice long walk will really diffuse the tension, that is my experience anyway.


Anne is right on, also, go down to a second hand store and p/u a baby gate.
Its less than $10 up here, and you can use it to keep the dogs apart when they (or) you need a break.
Let us know how it goes.

Thank guys! We do have 2 baby gates we are using. The pup is very well trained(crate, litterbox, puppy school etc) as he came from a very good breeder in Missouri. Jonny is still very jumpy and scared so we dont throw balls or toys for him as it scares him so! I take him for lots of VERY long walks and he loves that. He likes to sit and watch tv with us. We are working on playing.

Well, if he is still young, you should start getting him socialized with other dogs.
It will make a world of difference when he gets older.

Jonny does love other dogs we meet when we walk. He is never mean or naughty. He is very very calm and friendly…. even if they are not.
Foster mom said he was good with the other dogs she fostered, most basenji's, some not. Just wanted to do the visit the right way since it is Jonny's turf now. We are really more concerned/wondering how Jonny will handle the "people" visitor's and think that will be more of a "stress " on him than the pup. But we shall see!

How did Jonny do meeting your brother and his puppy?

I'm betting all went well.

Thanks for asking! We met in a parking lot a block away. We got the introductions over with and walked back to our house. The day was wonderful! Beautiful day, they were outside a lot. Both dogs were exhausted from all the fun. Jonny usually lets us know when he is ready for bed. He asked to go early and was out like a light! It was wonderful. We are excited to do it again! Thanks again for asking.

Nice photos, Jonny was a good boy! He was probably happy to play with another basenji!
Glad it all went so well.

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