Meet Chewwey

Hi Everyone! I would like you all to meet my fur baby Chewwey. He certainly lives up to his name. He is a black and white 9 month old baby boy. He is for the most part a good boy, although he does have his craziness just like any other B.

Hi, Chewwey is very handsome, I do so love the shiny black coats on B+W, they look like they have tuxedos on. He looks to have a nice spot right up by the window.

Jolanda and Kaiser

First Basenji's

Love the pose in his dapper coat!

Very nice and a good coat color for the fashionable basenji! Welcome!

LOL– looks like Chewwey knows just how handsome he is! The B&Ws are so elegant and, of course, the red just sets off that shiny coat and cute face.

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