Jazzy meets the {talking} grill

My kids have a little toy talking grill that has been in the closet forever. They decided today to give it away, so it's sitting in the hallway now.

Jazzy has figured out how to use her paw to turn it on. She keeps turning it on, then jumping as if she is surprised. She just stands and stares quizzically, as if trying to figure out how the little person got in there. 😕 She must have turned it on ten times today.

LOL… I can just see that puzzled look! I know it well. Jazzy may enjoy the "talk to me treat ball". I got one for my dog, and oh my goodness, he was in heaven! You can actually record anything you want on it - I recorded my own voice, then one of my cats meowing, then tucker's own bark... it's a riot! the ball is on a motion sensor, so when it's pushed around, the recording plays, AND small treats which you fill inside are randomly dispensed.

Abbey loves anything that makes sounds and tries to play the little children's piano my nieces have. She gets excited when she puts her paw on a key and it makes a sound. She also has a See and Say that makes animal noises. I have a cable car music box that I set in the floor and turn on and she follows it around in a circle as it rotates and when it stops playing she bops it.

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Ohhh - How adorable! All these toys for our kids!! I only wish mine wouldn't destroy the ones I buy. Let me know if you all still have these vocal toys. If you do, I would be making a wise choice to buy one for Duke.

Jessi, please tell me where you got that Talking Treat Ball, Sahara would love one of those. I hope it was Petsmart, so I can get one as well. Thanks:D


I got one from Petsmart but had to return it because the batteries were gross it was $25. It had blinking lights

I bought another one from Care a Lot pets supply (they are online too) for $14. It is just the plastic ball that you can record a message on. carealotpets.com

My husband recorded a message for the dogs on it before he left on deployment so now I get to hear his voice every night when I let them play with the ball. His first message that he recorded was "Chase, Zahra, stop pushing me around"! LOL! Too funny but I made him record a new one because that got really annoying the first hour and he was not even gone yet! LOL!

I went to carealotpets.com and can not find the ball, please if you can tell me the name of the item, and is the recorder with the ball or did you purchase that separate. Thanks!

I received a strange looking talking clock for christmas that responds to a half-dozen questions with three different answers for each question. It is so adoreable, but Hollie looks puzzled and slightly taken aback with the thing. I love to watch her puzzlement as she too tries to figure out how the person got in that tiny object.

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That's funny . . . I can imagine the look! Is it destruction proof? Or should I say Basenji proof?


Try this search word or item number if the link does not work for Care a Lot

Talk To Me Treatball and Treats Item # 3123B



Oh, the recorder and batteries is included with the ball.

You have to buy the treats seperatly but I think any small treat would fit inside. I bought the Talk to me treats until I can figure out what else fits for sure.

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Thanks for these links. I'll look for the toy at PetSmart b4 our training class. We have a treat ball similar but it doesn't make noise. He's bored with it.

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I bought this ball! The big one with the recorder and blinking laser lights! It's a gas!!! 😃 😃 I recorded my voice: "Duke! Want a biscuit? You good boy! Biscuit!!" He goes crazy for it!! It cost me $25 at Pet Smart here in my area. It's wonderful! Duke plays very loudly - means he likes it. I put a couple handfulls of his dry food kibbles in it. They fall out, he eats. How healthy is that!

I would love one of these but they don't sell it in France!:(


Chase and Zahra played with ours so much the first few days that my husband was gone (he just left on deployment) that the batteries are already dead. I am glad that Duke loves the ball!


You could probably order one of these online at one of the links I added. I would get the one with the lights it seems like it is much more entertaining for them and worth the money!


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