Talking about Basenjis at the University

  • I recently started my new 'project': Veterinary Medicine. I will be studying for the next six years :eek:

    Today we talked about pyruvate kinase deficiency anaemia.. And there it was.. A big picture of a (very good looking ;)) basenji on the screen! That was so cool! Haha.. Now I know for sure that all 200 Vets that will graduate in about six to eight years know about the B 😉 😃

    I never shut up about Mirtillo, so the people who know me al said.. Ooh.. that's your dog!!!

    Another funny story.. I have a 'colleague' student, who worked in Congo for the last couple of years… He told me about the B's there! So cool! I told him that if he goes back again, he has to bring one with him 😉

  • what are the b's like in the congo? running wild?

  • Great! I met two vets who didn't know Basenjis at all. I would also like to know what Basenjis in Congo are like, could you ask your friend?

  • This is great, new vets learning about our dogs…
    Good work with your studies.
    It a wonderful job, caring for animals.

  • Congratulations on your new career! We will all know where to find a good vet in The Netherlands…in 6 years!
    Good luck with your studies.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Best wishes on your career choice; another advocate for basenjis.

  • It is a wonderful job indeed..
    And I hope all my colleague-students remember this leason about our B's!! 😃
    But I'm boring them all with my b-stories.. so for sure they will remember something about them 😉

    B's in Congo are wonderful, so I've been told by the 'african' colleague. He can tell very passionate about them.. It was really cool, he saw a pic of Tillo very briefly and said: aaaah.. a basenji…!!! And I was like....:eek:
    He told me they are very free in Congo.. just doing their thing.. And they haven't got that tightly curled tail there as they have over here 😃 😉

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