Class action suit - dog food

The makers of Evo and Innova (and other dog foods from the same manufacturer) are involved in a class action suit regarding the way they promote their foods. Just thought I would pass on this link.

Wow, and while they aren't my foods, I have fed them occasionally.

hmmm, i fed Evo for years before they were bought out by P/G

I fed regular Innova, then Evo, went back to regular Innova several years ago. My dogs are doing well and I just haven't searched for an alternate product (both like, agrees with both, etc.). I will start a search…...

First Basenji's

Here is an informative list of foods. Whole Dog Journal gives you the reasons why the foods are or are not on the list. This link brings you to a forum, but for viewing only.

Unfortunate, but I don't think I'm going to discontinue use of Evo quite yet. I JUST switched to Evo after having Kananga on Nature's Variety (grain-free) for a few years. He has done remarkably better on Evo (in regards to firm stools) and I'm hesitant to try anything else at this point since it's been working out so well.

I have fed my Fanconi affected dogs Evo Red Meat Small bites and they have done well on it. My present Fanconi affected girl has no teeth and she is able to eat this food with no problem. She is 12 1/2 so I am definitely not switching foods at this time. I have also fed different Innova dry but it has been over a year. All my dogs have had no problems eating this brand. I have also fed their canned food from time to time.


I feed Evo, but will slowly change over to something on this list. Thanks for the info.

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