• So I'm looking into rotating between Orijen for fall and winter and TOTW for spring and summer. I would also like to add in a meal of dehydrated raw food in there as well. How many of you rotate between foods? How do the dogs do when you're transitioning? Is this bad for their stomachs or is it okay to have a rotating/changing diet? For budgies it's better to have multiple/different foods for them to eat… is this the same for dogs? Just wondering what your experiences are.

  • I have always rotated foods, that way when traveling I don't have to worry if I can't find one or the other. But I change every 4 to 5 wks to different mostly grain free kibble. But I also make my own "wet" food to mix in. Usually ground chicken/turkey and veggies, steamed. Start off slow, but once you have rotated a few times, has never been a problem for mine.

  • I do quite a bit. I don't feed dry, only wet and frozen raw. I do give a cooked boneless chicken thigh and some of the frozen (duck or chicken) at each meal. I use 3 different types of Taste of the Wild, 4 different types of canned tripe from Tripett (venison, lamb, beef and beef with duck) and sometimes Evo canned venison, turkey or chicken. I just vary the canned every 3 days when the can runs out. So I mix a little of each of the different canned types at each meal so I'll have 3 cans open in the frig.

  • I change all the time. He gets whatever is in promotion from the premium brands when I'm buying food. Usually he gets dry food, but also from time to time some meat, fish… He has never had any problems transferring from food. But I have had dogs that had problems every time when I changed food, so they allways got the same food.

  • I used to mix two dry foods, now we have quite a little feeding circus. I have 3 bags of dry, depending on which the recently-very-picky Nicky (since she haws sick) will eat. The boys will eat rocks if I put green beans in it. All the kibble is good quality, they seem fine with whatever they get.

  • Mine pretty much get the same kibble (Taste of The Wild) every day. But for variety I will sometimes add leftover chicken or broccoli or green beans or just mix in some water from cooked veggies. They also get frozen chunks (small) of cheap steak most days when I leave for work or a frozen marrow bone.

  • I also change foods. I usually either stay within the same brand or the same protein but a different brand. I have not had any problems but I do read the ingredients carefully to make sure there is nothing in there that could cause allergy problems for Arnie. My dogs are not picky eaters.


  • i stay with the same brand, good quality kibble. thats all Hope gets with maybe a raw bone and/or bits of left over meat (such as chicken) and pumpkin to have in the evening. when i was working in a grooming salon she used to get other premium kibble (samples for our customers) as "treats" - she was none the wiser and thought "yummo!" hehe and never had issues with it 🙂

    also -when we have fostered dogs she has had some of their kibble and had no issues with eating it. im pretty lucky i dont have a fussy eater 🙂

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