Petropics Tiki Dog food

I saw an ad for Petropics Tiki Dog food today. Has anyone tried this? It looks better than what I eat LOL!

Ha, that sure brings me home, lu'au theme and all. I'm having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around a canine lu'au. You know, coconut bra, tea leaf skirts, head dresses, hips going like whoa…on a dog. Hehe.

HAHAHAHA…....Basenji's in coconut (maybe walnut shell) bra's. I see it in my minds eye during one of those kangaroo boxing type matches my 2 get in when they are playing--standing on hind legs and slapping each other up-side the head!! Hips and b. tails wiggling within grass skirts. What a video that would make.

Sorry, back to topic. That food looks great. I'd also like to hear what those out there think.

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