HELLO from Texas

Hi everyone. I am the proud owner of 2 B's: Harley (tri male) and Cairo (red/white female). We got them both from Signet Kennels in Ft. Worth, TX earlier this year. They are now 7 and 8 months-old and live with me, my husband and 3 kids.

Prior to adopting, we researched the Basenji breed so we knew what we were getting into. What I didn't know was how quickly they would steal our hearts! It's crazy, but I now cannot imagine our lives without Cairo & Harley!

Any other Basenji owners in North Texas??


Were in Houston, and we also just got our boy from signet kennels, do you know which litter group it came from so we can see if they are related?


Just put 2 and 2 together, iknez… Signet site says the girl was sold to knez family, so yes, I have your girls brother

OMG, wow– we were going to adopt the red/white male originally, then at last minute got the female red/white. Reason being, we ultimately decided to adopt 2 Basenji's and were told they need to be of the opposite sex, but Brenda only had a male tri left, which forced us to change the red/white to a female.

Do you have pictures?

LOL… and welcome. As we all say to new members, many of us are related by our Basenjis. Brenda has some very nice Basenjis and yes... rule of thumb is best to get opp sex.


Welcome onboard, we are in Houston too..
They are both so cute. I met with their brother (banhanerzzz's) a few weeks ago at the dog park..so adorable. My pup is a month older than y'alls.

So here's a picture of my little girl holding what could be your (BaNHANerZzz's) male red/white when he was just a few weeks old! TOO CUTE, huh?!

Welcome 🙂

Love your pair. They are precious.

Welcome - I love your pictures

Hello and Welcome from Canada!


That very well could be as he has only one full white leg there are a ton of pix of my two under Athena and Kratos ( the boy) , it's funny cuz your girl reminds us of our girl. This is from when they were about 5 months

Welcome IKNEZ. Glad you found this site.

aww… both double basenji families are super cute!

Kratos looks just like our Cairo! Such good looking B's, huh?

Welcome! Cairo and Harley are darling!


your girl probably got a double dose of brains of the litter cuz our boy survives on his cuteness alone, and he's super clumsy. But he's super sweet and cuddly so it evens out

Keller. (in Ft. Worth area)

We take our basenjis coursing in Keller and Denton several times in the fall.

We'd love to do that with our 2 basenjis! Are you part of an organized coursing group? If so, would you mind sending me more information? (where, when) Thanks!

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