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Totally confused…I am fostering a tiny 6 yr old female Basenji that exhibits a split personality. While sitting in your lap, next to you on the couch or sleeping in bed with you, she is calm and is affectionate, ecen cuddles close to you and falls asleep letting you pet/rub her anywhere. She will stay with you forever. But the second you put her on the floor or take her outside...her tail goes between her legs, is frightened and will not come within 4-5' of you.

I have walked her on the leash and showered her with affecion. She is not food/treat motivated...even when it is breakfast or dinner time, she will not come to eat unless you are about 10' away from the food bowl

any suggestions would be appreciate...split personality, Daisy one is calm and affectionate, Daisy II is scared and extremely aloof

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It is now sunday morning, there has been no fighting since Wedesday, still some snarling but more and more playing. At breakfest this morning, Bana baroo'd like crazy, more then ever in the past…happy dog

For those reading this, the BRAT organization is super, if you can please support them.

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We are Rick and Maggie from Dallas. We currently have a 2 yr old Basenji mix, and a 3 yr old Basenji pure, along with three house cats…all get along.

We are considering adopting our 2nd Basenji pure. She is 4 yrs old. We have had her in the house for a week now, she is learning to get along with the other two, she gets along fine with the cats.

Basenji's are like Lay's potatoe chips, can't have just one

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We adopted a 2 yr old red/white Basenji from BRAT last August. She also came from a puppy mill. when we first got her she was shy and nervous. We also have three house cats and a 1 yr old Basenji mix so it was quite an adjustment for little Bana. since August, we kept seeing a gradual improvement in all her behaviors. The past month she has really come out of her shell and is absolutely fantastic.

We presently are considering another Basenji from BRAT and have had her in the house for 1 week…it has been challenging to say the least. Lucy is 4 yrs. old and was abused...mentally not physically. She is extremely over weight, the previous owner allowed her a self feeder...she blew up to 38 lbs, have been on a diet and is down to 38 now...needs to lose another 7 lbs or so until she looks like a Basenji.

Lucy was very agressive with the other two, but they had their fights and things improved. Still have plenty of snarling by Lucy but no fighting. So stick with it, have patiance and continue to teach yours right and wrong. Basenji's are smart and will come around.

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Last night Lucy and Cleo went at it and I wasn't home. Maggie said it was bad, Cleo was really mad. But all day today there was peace, very little snarling, no fighting and yet plenty of playing. So maybe Lucy discovered that the queen of the house is Cleo(patra) with Bana 2nd in command. I really hope so, Lucy is a sweet dog and needs a good home…she must get along with Cleo and Bana. She gets along fine with the 3 cats Lemieux,Missy and Yardly

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We adopted our first Basenji (mix) 1 1/2 years ago, and named her
Cleo(patra). Not sure what she is mixed with, she stands approx 26-27" tall and weighs 41 lbs. Runs like a deer and leaps in mid stride like a deer. We have seen her do these leaps as high as almost 3' in the air all while not breaking stride. She's is very smart…we re-named her the first day from Desiree to Cleo(patra), and was aware of her new name in a matter of days. She learned to sit, give left paw, right paw, stay, lay down, sit up/beg, and will even dance. She retrieves, although sometimes she doesn't want to give it to you. Just brings it back and teases you with it.

We adopted our 2nd (pure breed) Basenji this past August. At first Bana(frit) was a real handful. Your typical Basenji. But over the past 5 plus months she has become a total pleasure. Very well behaived, and so affectionate.

By the way, we also have three house cats...everybody gets along

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