• We adopted our first Basenji (mix) 1 1/2 years ago, and named her
    Cleo(patra). Not sure what she is mixed with, she stands approx 26-27" tall and weighs 41 lbs. Runs like a deer and leaps in mid stride like a deer. We have seen her do these leaps as high as almost 3' in the air all while not breaking stride. She's is very smart…we re-named her the first day from Desiree to Cleo(patra), and was aware of her new name in a matter of days. She learned to sit, give left paw, right paw, stay, lay down, sit up/beg, and will even dance. She retrieves, although sometimes she doesn't want to give it to you. Just brings it back and teases you with it.

    We adopted our 2nd (pure breed) Basenji this past August. At first Bana(frit) was a real handful. Your typical Basenji. But over the past 5 plus months she has become a total pleasure. Very well behaived, and so affectionate.

    By the way, we also have three house cats...everybody gets along

  • Hi! Glad you found the pack. Lots of great stuff to look at and talk about here. 🙂

  • Houston

    Rick..welcome onboard. So glad to see you, Bana and Cleo on here, and Maggie too of course..
    You need to post pictures so everybody gets to see your lovely pack..

  • Last night Lucy and Cleo went at it and I wasn't home. Maggie said it was bad, Cleo was really mad. But all day today there was peace, very little snarling, no fighting and yet plenty of playing. So maybe Lucy discovered that the queen of the house is Cleo(patra) with Bana 2nd in command. I really hope so, Lucy is a sweet dog and needs a good home…she must get along with Cleo and Bana. She gets along fine with the 3 cats Lemieux,Missy and Yardly

  • Houston

    I hope you have a little more time to give her..it might work out..

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome from another Texas Basenji owner.

  • welcome to the forum

  • Hi,
    We are Rick and Maggie from Dallas. We currently have a 2 yr old Basenji mix, and a 3 yr old Basenji pure, along with three house cats…all get along.

    We are considering adopting our 2nd Basenji pure. She is 4 yrs old. We have had her in the house for a week now, she is learning to get along with the other two, she gets along fine with the cats.

    Basenji's are like Lay's potatoe chips, can't have just one

  • Petra,
    It is now sunday morning, there has been no fighting since Wedesday, still some snarling but more and more playing. At breakfest this morning, Bana baroo'd like crazy, more then ever in the past…happy dog

    For those reading this, the BRAT organization is super, if you can please support them.

  • Welcome to the forums. Sounds like the pecking order is being worked out. Sometimes those little snark fight sound MUCH worse than they actually are. Whoever can open their mouths widest, show the most teeth and vocalize the loudest with the most variety wins!! It's been quite a while since I had a major snark, but it certainly sounded like they were killing each other, but nary a mark or spot of blood on either one!!

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