• We own three Basenjis. A 1 1/2 to 2 year old r/w male named Rommel "The Desert Fox) that my wife "girlfriend at the time" found in the alley. We ran adds in the paper and a lady that lives three blocks over called and said it belonged to her and his name is Sage. She never came to pick him up so I went to her house to see if she wanted him back but she had moved. One Sunday I was reading the paper and saw an add for Basenji pups for sale, made the mistake of telling my girlfriend so we had to go see them. The lady only had two tri females left. I told my girlfriend I would buy her one for Christmas, she finally picks one. We take the tri home and named her Kiya after her mother. About two weeks later the lady calls us and tells us if we want the other tri female to come and get her because she can't keep her. So we brouhgt her home and named her Isis. My wife and I have fallen in love with this breed and plan to get one more when the time is right.


  • How cute… and what a lucky day for Rommel the day "he" found you!!!!

    If you have not or your Basenjis have not, please consider DNA testing for Fanconi. You can find details at www.basenjihealth.org

  • Welcome. Thanks for the pictures. I love the "smelling the datura" shot. Good luck with those young 'uns!! Do they play mostly together (being bonded litter mates), or do they include your other B regularly?

  • Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story and those cute, cute pics! It seems that for most folks, Basenjis are like potato chips, once you get started, you just can't stop. If I had room, I'd have a whole herd by now, lol!

    Welcome, and we look forward to hearing more about Isis, Kiya, and Rommel!

  • Welcome to that pack. What cute beasties you have there. 😃

  • 1981LR Welcome 🙂 Your B's are too cute !! What part of Texas are u in I'm in Elpaso 🙂 again Welcome 🙂

  • Thanks I live in Odessa

  • Adorable tri's!

    How do they all get along?

  • Absolutely precious pictures. What lucky Basenjis to have found you.

  • Yes they do play well together. We have the Basenji-500 that turns into the Basenji Smackdown everyday when we get home from work. The only time I need to split the girls up is around 9:00 PM when they start getting snarky but thats about the time they go bed anyway.

  • Welcome to basenjiville – lovely pictures of your furbabies! Especially love the expression on your red/white in the first pic.

  • Thanks for the great story and pics 🙂

    Your B's are lovely!


  • I love how straight they keep their legs when sleeping! Beautiful dogs.

  • @pufferlover:

    I love how straight they keep their legs when sleeping! Beautiful dogs.

    BUT…Bring sharing the bed into the equation and I find the the twirl and plop into a ball to be highly preferable. There's nothing like being woken up by four B paws pushing into your back, haha. And before you know it a mere 22 lb B has you on the edge of the bed...

  • Lucky basenjis, your foundling and his two 'sisters' are all beautiful. Glad you all found each other!

    Anne in Tampa

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