• I recently got divorced and kept both bs.

    I have a couple of trips planned and now don't have my live-in dog sitter (we never went anywhere together).

    I asked my next-door neighbor if he would mind coming over to feed them this last weekend. I was gone for 2 nights.

    My neighbor doesn't work so he's home all day.

    He came over 4 times a day, fixed the latch on my gate, bought the dogs new treats (he fed them all that I had left out for him!).

    He was concerned that after the 1st day, they hadn't eaten. By the second day, he was sitting on my kitchen floor HAND FEEDING them their kibble. :D:D:D

    My bs trained him in less than 48 hours!!!!:):):) Dumb breed indeed!!!!:):)

    If you live in Renton and need a good dog-sitter, let me know! I paid him in freshly-caught Dungeness crab and this weekend he'll get paid in freshly-caught Alaskan Salmon!

    Worth every penny!

  • Oh my goodness! will he travel for B work ? Edinburgh has castles. 😃

  • Oh, heck, I'd come pet sit for you if you're paying in Dungeness crab!

  • First Basenji's

    Aww… that brought a big smile to my face.
    Such a great dog sitter is hard to come by!

  • Sounds like major win/win for everyone!

  • Terrific! Happy pups, and knowing they are safe and happy, priceless!

  • I could use a neighbor like that!!!! You lucked out…sounds like the dogs have too!

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