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Hi All. I am looking for a dog sitter for my Basenji (Male, 5 years old). We live in South Beach, San Francisco. Can anyone please recommend some good sitters?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi All. Very helpful thread. Thanks to all for all the ideas shared here. I know this is quite a standard situation, but still would like to share this and ask for any advice: I have a 5 years old male Basenji. He is not neutered. Since I brought him home (when he was 5 months old), he has never been good with other male dogs (not neutered, with those who are neutered he is totally fine - treat them as females :)), and it is still the same. After living for a year or so with my parents away from me, it got worse: growling, biting, jumping on other male dogs (and the bigger the dog is, the more excited/angry he gets). I know where all this comes from: feeding him from the table when the people are eating, allowing him to sleep on the bed together with people). Now he is with me again. I am working on correcting at least these mistakes in his behaviour, as well trying to distract him when he starts to growl at the dog approaching. Meanwhile can you please advise whether it is at all possible to change the dog's behaviour - to like other male dogs? Or shall I just admit that and try to prevent any such situations? Do you think a trainer can help with it?
Thank you very much!

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Hi All,

I've just moved in SF from Moscow, Russia. I have a Basenji boy of 5 years old. He is the champion of a few European countries - I surely can provide more details if needed. I am not sure about this process here in the US, but I would be very happy to get in touch with any interested breeder of female Basenji to get a litter - just to make my boy happy. We've done this once back in Russia and got 5 healthy and happy puppies delievered. I am attaching a couple of photos. Thanks!


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There is a play date in the East Bay…. and they have lots of Basenjis... you just have to get past the initial meet/greet..... lots of noise... and just get used to it....

Hi Tanza, can you please advise where/when these plays take place in the East Bay? I've just moved in SF with my boy Basenji and we are looking for a company for our walks. Thanks in advance.


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I have two Basenji's, both females that grew up together so I think this is the only reason they don't fight… Whenever we are at the park and my younger girl sees another Basenji she goes nuts. If its another female... big fight. If its a male, possible big fight. Sometimes I and the other owner have tried to "let them work it out" but that doesn't always go so well. I'm just wondering if there is a proper way to introduce two Basenji's to reduce the chances of a fight. I'm jealous that the Pugs and Corgi's get to have their own play days at the parks here in San Francisco. They are all getting along and having a great time. I can't imagine a Basenji play day, it would be like a horror movie... Screaming, fighting, biting, scratching, dirt everywhere, crying and all the humans running off in the other direction.

How do they manage mating?


Hi Jason, do you still live in SF? I've just moved in here and I have a Basenji boy, who is usually great with all girls (especially Basenji), though keep fighting with every thrid boy. We can make them meet each other, if are still jealous on other dogs getting along together really nice :).


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Hi All, is there any Basenji in South Beach district, SF or any other place in SF? Any meets-up? We've just moved in here, and my boy is really depressed and bored of other SLOW dogs we meet at the street :). Thanks in advance!

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