Winston Salem/Triad area, NC sitters?

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    I am on the lookout for a good basenji sitter in the Winston Salem, NC area, as I know the time will inevitably come when we will have to travel without our loveable basenji, Bimmy. My husband and I adopted Bimmy when he was 1 yr old, and he came to us with a good bit of crate anxiety and fear of being left. He has adjusted well to our home (not crated), and has made much progress. We hate the thought of having to board him at a place where he will be kept in a crate/kennel, as we do not want him to regress and have his anxiety come back. Thus, we would love for a basenji savy sitter to be able to take care of him while we are away. Are there any sitters in the area?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Not sure how far that is from Raleigh, but one of my whippet friends has a very nice boarding kennel in Raleigh and might know of some home care people. Her website is:

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