WYOMING Rabies Laws–9/30/08 Update

  • To update you on the change in Cheyenne, Wyomning's rabies ordinances to adopt the national 3 year protocol, there is an article in the September 27, 2008 issue of the Wyoming Eagle Tribune entitled **Council Mulls Less Frequent Rabies Shots **http://www.wyomingnews.com/articles/2008/09/27/local_news_updates/20local_092708.txt by Jodi Rogstad.

    "Good news for dog and cat owners: Instead of the annual rabies shot for your furry friends, that requirement may change to as little as once every three years."


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    The proposed rabies ordinance will be given second reading before the City Council at the meeting tomorrow night. Members of the audience will be given a chance to speak on the new ordinance, then the council members will discuss and vote on whether to adopt the new ordinance. If the council votes in favor of the ordinance, it will be scheduled for a third, and final, reading at the next council meeting. If passed at the third and final reading, it will be adopted and pets will be permitted to be vaccinated for rabies once every three years instead of every year and, if we are successful, there will be a provision for a vet to provide a written waiver of vaccination for an unhealthy animal. Your attendance at the council meeting tomorrow night is so very important. I cannot stress enough how much we need you to be there and let the council know you are in favor of the new ordinance, as proposed and amended. I know many of us are not great public speakers, but all that is needed is for you to go to the podium, state your name and address and say you are in favor of the new ordinance and ask that the members of council vote in favor of it. That's it! PLEASE, if you able to do that, your help will be truly appreciated, not just by me, but the many pet owners out there, as well as the pets themselves who cannot speak, and trust us to do our best for them. Please show up and show that care, and be part of creating better health and longevity for pets. We could not have gotten this far without those of you who wrote letters and made phone calls. NOW IS THE TIME WE NEED YOU THE MOST! I, and others, have worked very hard the past couple of months to provide information and research to city officials in order to get this issue before the City Council with a new ordinance. Now, we need your help to get it finished.

    The council meeting takes place in the Council Chambers at the Municipal Building located at 2101 O'Neil Avenue. http://www.cheyennecity.org/CurrentEvents.asp?EID=445 There is on-street parking as well as a parking lot directly across from the Municipal Building on O'Neil. We are currently number 12 on the agenda, however there are really only 3 issues ahead of us, with one being a 3rd reading which should be done fairly quickly, the other 2 are second readings, one of which may well be tabled. In light of this, we would ask everyone to be there between 6:15 and 6:30 pm, to be on the safe side.

    When the audience is asked for comments, I am planning to speak, giving the council the same information I provided to the Public Services Committee. Judy Johnstone will also speak, giving further facts and research. We also have a vet scheduled to speak to the issue and answer any medical questions the council may have with respect to the 3 year vaccine. I will then provide the council with a packet of research and information which will provide the back up for what we have discussed. (If anyone else is interested in giving a detailed discusion, citing facts, please let me know as soon as possible so I can include your research/back-up in the packet I am providing). Following this, we need as many residents as possible to step forward and let the council know they are in favor of the new ordinance. The more people who voice their opinion in favor, the more likely the council is to vote in favor of the changes.

    Please pass this on to anyone you know in Cheyenne who has a pet or may be interested in this issue. We can only get this done with your help!

    Thank you, I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow evening.

    Karon L. Volk
    3560 Horse Creek Rd
    Cheyenne, WY 82009

  • Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association http://www.arkvetmed.org/new.html
    New Recommendations

    Recommendations for maintaining adequate pre-exposure immunization status: A routine booster every two years is NOT recommended since the newer cell culture vaccines often confer adequate antibody levels for 5 to 8 years and risk of adverse reactions is increased by frequent boosters. The standard pre-exposure recommendation for veterinarians practicing in an area with enzootic rabies is serologic testing every two years with booster vaccination when the antibody titer falls below the acceptable level, i.e. 1:5 by RFFIT.

  • CHEYENNE – City Eases Rabies Vaccine Rules Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Page A3, Tuesday, December 9, 2008 by Jodi Rogstad

    The City’s Dogs and Cats will No Longer Need to Get Rabies Shots Every Year. Pet owners now have the option to have their animal companions vaccinated once every three years. Monday, the Cheyenne City Council voted 8-2 to change the city’s rabies vaccine ordinance.

    Cheyenne City Council http://cheyenne.granicus.com/AgendaViewer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=57

    9. ORDINANCE - 3RD READING - Amending Section 6.12.020, Rabies Tags, of Chapter 6.12, Dog and Cat Registration, and Section 6.16.020, Rabies Vaccination Required, of Chapter 6.16, Rabies Control, of Title 6, Animals, of the Code of the City of Cheyenne, Wyoming. (PUBLIC SERVICES COMMITTEE)

    ACTION: Approved as amended by substitute

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