• I want to breed my Basenji at least once before we decide to get her fixed. I heard that once any female dog has a litter, that it calms them down to a certain extent? is that a myth or is it true? My Auddi could sure use something to calm her down! she gets super excited whenever we get home and it takes about an hour to calm her down..Anyone no anything that could help with her how hyper she is? We try to take her out multiple times a day to get that pent up energy out but it doesnt help! I also have read that the older they get, the calmer they get. Anyone have an good advice for our family and our Basenji? 🙂 Shes still a sweetheart in the evenings when shes tired but during the day if you get her going you can stop her!lol

    we also are having problems with her barking. Whenever we leave or came back home, you'd think some was strangling her(excuse my horrible example) but that's what it sounds like. She never barked until she was about a year old and we cant get her trained to where she wont bark so bad. its not even a bark its like screaming almost. Anyone have the same issues with there dog?

  • Not a good idea to breed a bitch that isn't purebred or registered, and particularly that has problems you are not happy with. You don't want to create puppies that are excitable barkers that nobody will want. And no, it won't "calm her down". If anything, it could create more problems than you already have, IMO. And the world really doesn't need more unwanted puppies. Are you prepared to take care of any resulting pups for the rest of their lives if you can't find good homes for them, or take them back if the home doesn't work out? If the answer is "no", you should not be breeding.

    As to the barking, is this something that continues after you have left, or just something she does as you are leaving and returning?

  • Only maturity will calm her down. She is still very much a puppy. Spaying does not calm them down and there is no need for her to have a litter before she is spayed. You may have more health problems if you have a litter than if you don't. Also, the expense of having a litter is very high. Do you plan to do all your health testing before you breed her? If not, you should. Health testing alone amounts to a lot of money. Then there is the expense of having to look for a suitable male to compliment your female. Then, there are sooo many things that can go wrong with the birthing process. You may run into health problems there and afterwards. You will have the expense of raising the litter of pups, finding them good homes, ensuring that they are well taken care of. You should also be responsible for your pups that you place their whole lives. Are you willing to take the puppy (dog) back in the event something happens to the home you have placed it in??

    There are so many things to breeding your girl that it really is not worth it to her to have to put her through it if all you want is a calm dog. Age and maturity will take care of that. Some Basenji's are just very vocal. My puppies that I have placed always scream when they figure out who I am. It gets quite embarrassing when I am out at a show and my puppy people come by to see me. Everyone turns to look to see who is slaughtering the basenji! It's not unusual for some of them to scream in happiness at your return. It will calm down in time. When you come in the door, don't make a fuss. Walk past her and do your own thing until she is calm, then praise her and greet her when she is calm. Do not acknowledge her until she is calm. She will learn that her theatrics will not get attention from you, but if she is calm, she will get more pets.

  • @RHoopz04:

    I heard that once any female dog has a litter, that it calms them down to a certain extent? is that a myth or is it true?

    Myth. You will end up with not just one hyper dog but a whole litter in addition to it. As Nomrbddgs pointed out, maturity is the only thing that helps "calm them down" and with a Basenji/Jack Russell cross, well she may never "calm down".

    she gets super excited whenever we get home and it takes about an hour to calm her down..Anyone no anything that could help with her how hyper she is?

    She needs more exercise. If she is good with other dogs then a dog park might help. Take her for long walks/runs or teach her to run next to a bicycle. Find a friend with a friendly, energetic dog and let them play together in a secure, fenced yard. If she will play fetch, wear her out with a tennis ball.

  • No, it is not true that have a litter will calm a bitch down.

    If you are having behavior issues then it is important to get help dealing with them. Did you get your dog from a breeder? Is the breeder knowledgeable in dealing with behavior issues? If not, then have you signed up for a basic manners class with your dog? A good trainer can also be a good resource for dealing with behavior issues.

    Dogs are built for physical activity so it is difficult to wear them out with physical activity, we are going to tire out long before they do. I find mental stimulation is more effective in helping to burn off excess energy. There are many different games and toys available that will help provide mental stimulation. You can also give her a stuffed Kong when you go out to give her something to do besides bark.

    Here is a link to some games you can play with your dog: http://dogtrainer.quickanddirtytips.com/play-games-bad-weather.aspx

    Here is a link to an online store with lots of puzzle toys: http://shop.kyjen.com/

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