Dog sitter videos

I was at our local pet store and came across these dog sitter videos. You put them on for the dog when you leave and they have about 90 minutes of interesting stuff for your dog to watch and listen to. They claim there is 8 different layers of sound put on so it would be interesting for them to listen to since they can hear so much better. It is all filmed by "doggie cam" so they get the dogs eye view. They mostly show other animals, but one had a part about agility and other dogs. On the back there were pics of several dogs watching it, and one was a B named Kozmo. I thought it was interesting and wondered if anyone has seen them or has tried it out?

I've never seen anything like this. I know my aunt plays music while she is gone during the day because she swears it calms her huskies down. I don't exactly buy it though & would be a little skeptical of these videos. If you find that your dogs actually respond to them let me know! 🙂

hahaha i've seen these!! i know i will catch mia staring at the tv sometimes .. lol i wonder if they really work!

I bought one a few hrs ago and Reggie and the cat seem to really like it, I've not tried it for Tiggy

I leave the radio on for EL D while I'm gone at work – not because it calms him down but because I don't want him going bonkers because he's hearing the squirrels making noise outside 🙂 He generally sleeps while I'm gone.

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