A simple assembly made impossible

  • To all new basenji owners out there…never assemble anything in the presence of a Basenji. We were putting a bed frame together (not too hard only thing to assemble were some screws). Well to make a long story short my boyfriend was in charge of holding on to them and managed to lose them :mad: grrr. He kept blaming it on the dog saying he thought Alani might of took them. Ha, that's an easy out. Well after 30 minutes of frantically looking and giving up, my boyfriend looked in her bed because she was trying to bury something...low and behold, the screws to our bed :eek: . The little sneak was running in there grabbing one and burying it while we were snapping together the metal part (only about 10 seconds of time to do so).

  • LOL LOL….not sure what she was going to do with screws later on but HEY at least she didn't EAT them :eek :eek:

  • LOL, maybe she doesn't like the new style, lol

  • I wish I would of known that sooner 😉
    Same thing happened to me! Hahaha
    except he got ahold of the instructions and they were shredded

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