• here are more pics on my kids…..

  • if you couldnt see them well enough here are a few more pics….LOL.....

    the one big is to show the 3 sizes, the red ones are puppy safety chokes. the med ones are the standard ones for basenjis, and the large are used with whippets or in Caesar's case a nice long neck. LOL

    The green one is super old and beta was a chewer. She actually ate one of these collars completely(including tags) and passed it in pieces! That was right after I bought it and her first collar experience....

    the solution with chewers is to keep it tighter. the med yellow one was hers and she never chewed on that one.

  • Betsey you have quite a collection here 😃 😃 WOW!

  • LOL, yeah I know, crazy right?
    Well, in that big picture the two middle sized ones that are dark blue and green are so beat up that I dont use them anymore. They are hard to throw away though. I use them sometimes when we go to the wet dog park.

    The two big ones are with ribbon that i sent to him. You can see the light blue one is a bit tattered compared to the yellow which is my fault in choosing something not durable…..but it is sooooo much fun to go to Joanne's fabric and pick out something cool for your b.

    They are soooo cheap!

  • oh yeah, and the puppy one fits Cairo like a champ. He was introduced to it this past weekend and hasnt tried to eat it yet. We went for our first collar leash walk yesterday and it tightened at the perfect place that didnt choke him. I was very pleased with the size…...

    I definately do not leave it on him in the kennel yet, or Caesar's. Beta ate off Caesar's safety choke once....learned my lesson...and Cairo is such a chewer right now....

  • Great collars, where'd you get them from

  • You are the Emeld Marcos of dog collars, Betsey! Do you have as many shoes as they do collars?? LOL! The pictures are adorable and the collars look really nice on them…

  • Um, Emelda…oops!

  • Great collars, where'd you get them from

    there is a website listed at the beginning of this thread or you can email Nick directly at k9collars@aol.com

    He is super friendly!!

    and yes, I do have a few shoes…..:D

  • Is this Nick Russell of MastersPride?

    If so, we have a leather collar that does not slip down the neck and works well with them pulling. I put it high on the neck and Talker and Savannah will stop.

    But these collars that you posted the pixs looks really nice. Do you have the website?

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