• My husband and I just bought a Basenji puppy from a breeder that we're going to name Akila (meaning beautiful and intelligent). We have owned a couple other dog breeds West Highland White Terrier and Australian Sheppard but haven't owned a Basenji. We have done our research on the breed and visited the breeder and found our perfect puppy! We'll be picking her up in a few weeks but until then we're getting everything ready for her. I know Basenji's adult weight range can be anywhere from 20-26 lbs but I dont know what size collar and harness to buy for her. What size collar and harness would you suggest for a Basenji? Also what kind of food do you prefer for your Basenji's? I was thinking about trying Blue Buffalo Puppy or Orijen Puppy (Although Orijen is hard to find at the pet store). Maybe someone could help me. Thank you:)

    New Basenji mom,

  • Find out what food she is eating now and get some of that first, if you need to transition her to something else do it gradually as diahreah is a common side effect of changing too quickly. We have used Innova, Evo, Canidae and now use Taste of the Wild as the first 3 were too high protein for our whippets and gave them bad diahreah. I recommend an adjustable martingale as she will grow quickly from about a 6 inch to up to a 12 inch collar. Harnesses do not work all that well as they can back out of those too.
    Hopefully your breeder has shown you proof of a fanconi test on the puppy, if not I would insist on seeing one or run in the other direction. All reputable breeders test.

  • If you don't mind sharing, who are you getting your puppy from?

    And as far as food there are a number of good ones out there… even if you have to order it to be delivered. But good pet stores (not usually petco and/or PetsSmart) will order it for you. I have been trying Fromm Puppy Gold and really like it.

  • Good for you for getting ready for your new puppy. We will look forward to some wonderful pics when your pup arrives.

  • A martingale is a good option, many basenjis are very gifted at slipping a collar or harness. Congratulations in advance!

  • Houston

    I would defintely recommend martingale collars, specifically the Lupine brand ones..they are fairly inexpensive and have a 100% guarantee, meaning if your dogs eats/chews or in any way breaks it they will replace, no questions asked..we have used that policy once, when Otis decided to eat his…..
    As far as food..I have used Blue Buffalo, and like it lots, especially since it is easier to find. I also like EVO, Canidae and The Honest Kitchen..My dogs are on RAW so we use the Honest Kitchen or Sojos for mix ins, even when they were puppies.

    Good luck and how exciting..did you mention where you got her? A lot of our dogs are related so it is always fun to know.

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