Made it through the Dinner, but… *PICS Added*

  • LMAO the cake didn't.

    Tiggy didn't once put feet on the table with all the food. And was a perfect while everyone ate. He even spit out the turkey leg (whole leg) I knocked on the floor as I tried to pull the meat off to put it away.

    Then we cleared the table and set out the cake and pies. Didn't touch it until my husband went to cut it but forgot to grab something from the kitchen came back right as Tiggy was taking a bite out of the cake. I'll have to get a pick, Dave tried to get him to spit out out because it is a red velvet cake, but nope it was down the hatch, lol, it wasn't a big bite and it was more frosting so I'm not worried about it hurting him.

    It cracks me up, ignored it all but the cake.

  • Here's the pictures

    I rotated one so you could see it how it looked before Dave decided he'd eat that piece any way

  • Hee, hee…..

  • I've seen, but never tasted, red velvet cake. Looks like everyone got a chance to enjoy it, despite Tiggy!

    Magnum was unbelievably well behaved during our Thanksgiving. Even my DH commented on it. I didn't even have to kennel him during dinner. I was so proud of him!

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