My basenji Fuga

Hello. My name is Tammy and i'm 26years old. Since 6 months we have a basenji. We have adopted her wen she was 5 years old.
She has a shiba friend named Ryuu.

I tought it was fun to read tips and stuff from other basenji owners because in belgium there are not a lot of basenji's and we don't have a forum about them.

When i have time, i will place a photo of fuga.

Welcome Tammy and Fuga!

From where is Fuga?
I have heard her name in the past from a close by Basenji (nl or Belgium) but that's all I remember..

Fuga is from belgium. She lived in charleroi, they did shows with her. She was/is champion of luxemburg.

I think that you are the one in my friendlist on facebook.
I recognice your name and the names of the dogs 🙂

Glad you found us. Welcome.

We indeed have her from alain 🙂

Some months ago I have spoken with him about a girl that had to be rehomed.. maybe that was your Fuga 🙂

I searched my facebook but I didn't found your name? But I am terrible with searching on facebook 🙂

It could be that it was about fuga 🙂 now you know where she lives 🙂
When i'm done working i will try to find you.

Hello and welcome:)

Welcome to the forums! Please post photos when you have them - we all LOVE to look at Basenji photos!

Welcome and big congratulations on getting a basenji. You will have so much fun!

Hello and Welcome Tammy and Fuga! I am from Canada and have 2 Basenjis.

First Basenji's

Welcome! Please post pictures of Fuga AND Ryuu, too. 🙂

Welcome to the world of basenjis!

A belated welcome to you and Fuga.

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