Are all Basenjis such cuddle bugs?

  • I am so surprised by how cuddly my Watson is 🙂 I love it.

    Is the entire breed that cuddly and personable? I thought initially they would be more aloof…

  • I think they run the entire range from cold to snuggle bunnies.

  • Kipawa is always with me, EVERYWHERE. And I love it. 🙂 Some people might find it a bit much, but I love the bond we have. Right now he is laying on the couch with me, his back up against my legs.

    We have a sweet morning ritual together that has been going on almost for four months now. Upon wakening (he sleeps with us) Kipawa gets morning hugs. Then he gets his food, goes out for potty and then runs to the front window to make sure 'his' neighbourhood is functioning correctly. Afterwards, he comes to me on the couch where I give him his first 'loves of the day' - rubbing his chest and in front of his ears. He stands perfectly still to receive his loves. Then he walks around in 3 circles and plops himself down on the couch, making sure he is touching me.

    We got the dog we exactly wanted. We love our little 'love sponge'. 🙂

  • I find that my B will vary. Most of the time he is following me wherever I go. As soon as I sit down on the couch, he will be right next to me (usually leaning against me 😃 ) and he will prepare himself for a nap.

    Then there's the whole thing about sunlight. During the day he is laying in the sun, that's his priority. He won't even bother following me if I get up from where I am and start walking away.

  • Cricket is my little love bug. She follows me everywhere… Except when Daddy's around...
    When she's in our bed, she either sleeps touching us both, or sneaks up onto my Husband's pillow and curls around his head.

  • Even those b's who are "touching" you all the time, most want to see what your doing and my 3 follow me around the house.

  • I think the short answer is "yes." They mostly do cuddle, just some more than others. Mine wants nothing to do with it when she's up and around, but get a little cool, or a little tired, and she would like to climb right into us, I think. Curls into our laps, leans on our sides, squashes behind us if there's room while sitting on a chair - and always must be touching when falling asleep, except at actual bedtime, when she goes to bed in her own bed, then gets up at some point and burrows down under our covers and pushes against one or the other again.

  • Pokey loves to lean on me whenever he can't lie on me. But then, he has his aloof side, too, and can be happy with his own company. At night and in the afternoon, he cuddles and it is the sweetest thing.

  • suki has to be where i am at all times, always sits/sleeps touching me, will wake from a deep sleep to follow me to the bathroom, sits on my foot while i do the dishes, etc. very snuggly.

  • @jojaanbutt:

    It sound more like a dog or cat to me. Birds have their own way of showing love but I have never heard of one being a cuddle bug. I guess I don't understand what you mean by co-dependent. Birds have very fragile bodies as their bones are filled with air and not dense like our bones. They injure easily. If you have never had a bird, you should start out with a budgie until you get used to bird ways. That is what I would recommend before you get a big bird.

    ? I am confused… I was talking about my basenji Watson. Who is very affectionate. I do not think anyone even mentioned birds.

  • @Moth:

    ? I am confused… I was talking about my basenji Watson. Who is very affectionate. I do not think anyone even mentioned birds.

    That message is more than likely a spam. They show up regularly on the forum. Just ignore them.

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