• 0_1486835007021_IMG_4090.JPG 0_1486834831147_IMG_4087.JPG 0_1486834729920_IMG_4086.JPG Hello everyone! I got my new baby last week and have learned lots of things about me and her this last couple of days! Lol. She has been a very nice addition to the family, she is sweet (when she is tired) playful, utterly cuddly (which is so sweet) and very attached! I just had a few questions about the breed that I can't really seem to find online. Will they always be so cuddly and attached or is this something they grow out of? Are they good with multiple people or do they attach more to one person? Also anything else interesting or you have experienced would be nice to know! I have read up on this breed a lot but sadly I only really come across negative things :(. Although our Lulu Grace is a handful she is such a sweetie when she wants to be! Thank you!

  • @pearlypoo She is cute, cute, cute! Where did she come from? She may always be cuddly, I have a two year old female who is still very cuddly, my 8 year old male, not so much, never was. He wants to be close, just not cuddled, they're all different.

  • These are all questions that should have been asked/responded to by the breeder? How old is she?

  • My dogs have always been Velcro puppies! Very cuddly and though loving with the entire family, each dog was really attached to 1 family member. Our current male prefers women more than men. Even if my husband is home, he will cry if my daughter and I leave the house. You have a beautiful puppy. Enjoy her!

  • @margiem Thank you for the nice comments! I love her cuddliness so I hope it continues! πŸ™‚

  • She looks incredibly sweet! I do see why you asked about size because she doesn't look like she is 8 wks old. Have the breeders given you her pedigree and registration info? Where did you get her? One of the breeders here may know if the line is often smaller. I must admit I yearned for a petite 17 or 18 pound bitch... mine was about 25 pounds, and her niece about 29 (but she was on steroids from age 4 for autoimmune so that really made keeping her thinner hard.. but even without it she would not have been an 18 pounder!)

  • What a cute baby!
    My pup Jaxx is only cuddly when he is extremely tired, he likes to be in our company, and panics when he is alone but he prefers to have his space. He hates when people leave regardless of who it is or who stays if that counts for anything.

    The biggest issue we are having is him sleeping in our bed, no matter how many times I put him between me and my wife at night ( with enough room ) he ends up at our feet on the opposite end of the bed, even when he is dead asleep and I wake up in the middle of the night and move him back up with us... Sane thing!

    However he does tolerates us petting his face, and lets me rock him to sleep.

  • Does he end up down by your feet, UNDER the covers?
    That would be very typical!

  • @giza1 Always ends up at our feet, hahahaha so this is typcial? It would just be nice to get alil affection hahaha with his cute face, wrinkles and expressions

  • All mine love under the cover, but Saylee slept by my side, sometimes head on the other pillow.


  • Mine all wanted to be under the cover.......the rule was, O.K. under top cover, no dogs on sheets! But none migrated to the bottom of the bed. Most wanted to be in physical contact, usually leaning on someone unless too hot, in which case stretched out (sometimes lying across the bed, people relegated to the edges!), and yes, sometimes head on pillow. And sometimes snoring!!

  • I hope this helps. Ours about 8 1/2 months and he had him since about 10 weeks. WE LOVE THIS PUP!!! They love the covers so we purchased him a super soft blanket that we put on his bed and cover him up. On our bed we cover him with the comforter and I am the same as the other person who mentioned not under our sheets! LOL. He gravitates always to my legs and plops down. When he was a puppy he would fall asleep in your arms now to do that you literally have to get him super comfy to do that but he will settle right next to you on the couch and fall asleep. They love to be up high so don't think you will keep them off of couches or chairs. Not going to happen but they shed so little and they are clean and have NO SMELL so it's not a big deal. I work from home and ours has never barked and only howled for my son 2 times when he was joking with him. Other than that they are super easy to potty train and seems like they can hold it forever. I asked a neighbor about that too who used to have one and she said her's did the same. We trained ours to hit a bell literally in one weekend. ENJOY!

  • Oh you "not under the sheets" folks. LOL, I can't stand anything pulling down on the sheets, so I let them under it. If I had a bigger bedroom and could do it again, I'd get one of those bedside beds.

  • I'm with Deb! I can't stand when they are under the blankets but on top of the sheets! Makes me feel trapped. They have their assigned spots πŸ˜€ and will snark at each other if one of them crosses into the others spot

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