• Hi all,

    first time we've had to move house with Hope. She's been at the house we are in since she was 9wks old.

    Shes a pretty resilent little dog but any tips would be great.

    Should i involve her in the moving (back and forwards between the houses? so maybe she understands?) shes already helping me "pack"

    she has no seperation anxiety issues, shes crate trained, and she stays in the yard while we are at work (we have a 6ft privacy fence, new place also has a 6ft privacy fence).

    will she realise when all our stuff is there that its "our new place"?

    shes just such a good girl and i dont want to get any behavioural issues starting because of the move and when we dont go back to our old "home" anymore.

    .. note: shes a bold and reslient dog. she usually loves going new places, how do i make it home for her so she knows its home

  • I think I would take her with you a few times, take a few of her things (not favorites) and let her know that her stuff and yours is at the new place. Give her a chance to run around and check out the yard, with a few of her toys there too.
    We have not moved for many years, but when we rent a vacation cottage, my dogs are anxious the first day, but we always take along their favorite beds and a few toys. By the second day they are relaxed and happy, and for all they know we are there forever.

    Hope is bold and curious, she will be fine!

  • As long as she's with her people, she should do just fine.

    We live in Washington State during the summers and Arizona during the winters…neither of our dogs have a problem making the transition from one place to another.

  • thanks, i will do that. my friend suggested that when i go to work for the first time that shes left alone at the new house (once fully moved so all her stuff will be there) that i should give her a big bone or something to keep her occupied (i only work 3 or so hours - she comes with me most of the time anyways! but when shes left at home she doesnt care either).

    we begin moving this friday. she will have fun exploring the new backyard. cant wait to set up her bed and stuff and its even closer to an off lead doggy park that we can walk to in the arvos instead of having to drive!! 🙂

  • well we've finally moved into the new house. tonight will be our 3rd night. things are slowly improving. she wasnt too impressed taken over to the new place. she sulked and stuck to us like glue (not used to that as shes usually independant etc). Whingy. Reminded me of my friends 2 yr old kid.

    2nd day was a bit better after the other half left for work she had a good whinge but tried everything from ignoring to try and engage her in play etc. she just followed me around yawning so i got her crate out an set it up (she sleeps in bed with us) and put our pillow in it and she curled up for a sleep. after she woke up she seemed better and started to head out in the yard and do her own thing leaving me to unpack. Once the other half got home we all ate and went to bed (so tired).

    today is day three: took a shower and she hung around but went outside and ate her food (yay). took her to work and now im at my parents sitting under a lovely tree with Hope curled up asleep beside me (so peaceful).

    Dont think im going to leave her by herslef in the new house yet. If i need to duck to shops etc i will crate her. Once she knows that this is now "home" i can start leaving her uncrated at home again.

    look forward to getting my bouncy basenji back instead of my sooky one!

  • Glad she is starting to adjust. Moving is hard on me too!

  • I'm pleased that Hope is beginnning to adapt. In my opinion Basenjis are really extremely adaptable but sometimes take time.

  • well today is her first half day by herself (ive had to run around to the shops/real estate and meet carpet cleaners at the old place etc). I am a bit nervous but hoping ill come home to a happy sunbaking puppy (she looooves to sunbake as any basenji owner would know) heh pretty settled into the new house…now to see how shes coping

  • She will be happy if you are. Sounds like its going well.

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