• I have large australian shepard wire kennel with a divider in the middle that I used to use with Caesar and Beta, and then Caesar and Cairo.

    Caesar was way too wild as a young basenji to be left in the house while I was away. A real Dennis the Menace.

    Savanah came to the house and was with us for about a month gaining weight, learning to play and looking for a new home. Caesar is 6yrs old now and I graduated him to a no kennel status. Cairo and Savanah shared the kennel.

    So Savanah goes to her new home and Caesar is king of the house all day and night. No kennel for him.

    Cairo (my 8 month old) now has a giant kennel with no divider during the day and sleeps out with Caesar at night without a peep.

    Yesterday I came home from work to find out that Cairo had gotten out of the kennel and was out all day with Caesar. He chewed up a remote for the TV and a bit of a comforter. Not too shabby!

    He is back in his kennel for the days, but I was impressed with the behaved man. Caesar would have shredded the house at that age.

    And dont ask me how the kennel was open.

    Anyone have a basenji that can open a kennel door?

  • I don't…but I have heard of lots that can. Usually a carbiner clip can solve the problem.

  • I know more then a few that can open kennels…. no doubt...

  • There was a post just in the past few days about someone's B who opened the kennel to let another one out. I still have childproof locks on my fridge and cabinets in the kitchen from when my last B learned how to open them.

  • Ha ha…welcome to my world! My b opens the crate as well. He's the little devil that let his friend out of the crate. I have found that the clip on the end of the leash works well. Although, use a metal chain leash. I made the mistake of using the regular leash to lock the crate...duh! They chewed the leash in half. I guess they told me. 🙂

  • Our puppy was out in the house one time when we came home and I wondered if maybe I had not had the hasp lined up when I shut it, but maybe she did figure out how to open it. Now, she says outside with the other dogs (well, they actually can come into the laundry room as well) and is only in the crate essentially for feeding so I have not found out if she can do it again.

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