We met another shiba + basenji pack!

  • First Basenji's

    We met a woman with three rather, ah, "full-figured" Basenjis and a Shiba and a little dachshund-terrier mix guy. And now I've forgotten all their names except for one of her females, Birdie or Bertie or something like that and her Shiba Max (in the background below).

    Surround sniff, seconds before they all jumped on Bowpi (center, licking her lips nervously). It was just some initial posturing, and they were okay afterward, though that was the first time I've seen Bowpi REALLY snarl!

    She said the pink-collared girl in the front used to be in the ring, but retired. They were all really sweet, even if they didn't like Bowpi at first.

    And then we bumped into two tris, Hobbes the pup (above, on leash) and Lola, a recent Seattle transplant (barely visible below). Shiny shiny coats!

    Another little unplanned meetup on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

  • You must have been delighted! I love coming across other basenjis when I am on adventures with Kipawa. Yes, those basenjis look more than a little overweight.

  • First Basenji's

    Yeah, we chatted a little about food because she asked. I think she's aware of how plump her B's are, but I didn't feel comfortable prodding about that. We'd just met! I would think that her vet would be in a better position to demand that they lose some weight… 🙂

  • I find that people are often apologetic about their dogs being overweight. In my experience it seems to be one of the first things they say when you start talking to them. I always ask what kind of food they feeding and how often. My next question asks them if they have had their dog's thyroid checked. I am amazed at how many people don't understand how thyroid problems could be affecting their dog's weight. People and dogs have many similarities - I just find that a lot of dog owners don't know/understand that.

  • lol.. those are some sausage dogs !! your B&B are loverly as usual

  • What a coincidence. You must have been pleased to see the group. Poor Bowpi does look a little worried! It's difficult to say anything about weight unless you're asked for advice, I know. Possibly after seeing Bowpi they'll realise how plump theirs are!

  • LOL, I used to be amazed when I met fellow Chow Chow/Rottie owners. They are unbelievably different dogs and the owners often quite different. THEN I met 3 people over the years with Basenji/Rottie/Chows! Magic. 🙂 Shared insanity I guess.

  • Great meet…. and you are right, a bit overweight... hopefully more of the meet ups and less food and they will drop weight

  • I was thrilled to find out there is another Basenji in my town, but I have not met her yet. I would love to run into someone with Basenjis - most people here have not seen one and Pokey is a fantastic conversation starter and attracts a lot of attention on his walks or when he is in the yard. Enjoyed the pictures!

  • Very cool!

    You did the right thing not to push too hard on the weight thing, but I would have found it hard to keep my mouth shut about the weight:o… I just can't stand to see a fat basenji! :eek:

  • First Basenji's

    Heh… I've done some Google image searches for "fat basenji" "fat greyhound" "fat sighthound", etc. because I wasn't sure if it was physically possible for sighthounds to get rounded out like other dogs.

    Well, now I know!

    And yeah, I still don't think there are that many basenjis in the area, I just keep running into the same ones more often. This was a new trio though. 🙂

  • Wow, those are some big Basenjis. Hopefully they look into what's causing it (health issue, re-evaluation of feeding, etc). I'd imagine a Basenji being that much overweight could face some additional health issues overtime.

    I agree, it's always nice to run into other Basenjis. I think Basenjis have their own cult and they know it. 😃

  • I think it's just a case of overfeeding - we know just how persuasive Basenjis can be when it comes to feed! When you see them again hopefully their owner will have taken notice of the right size for a Basenji.

  • Lovely photos! your b's are gorgeous!

    Re: food…..

    after working in a dog grooming business, i must say i am amazed at the amount of people that come in with their overweight fluffies (i call them fluffies as its usually the maltese X's and shihtzus etc) that have no idea that... human food shouldnt be their diet! or what they feeding them is wrong and i dont know how many times we've tried explaining to either cut back or go on the proper food and they dont understand?!

    i dont understand how people can have such a hard time understanding food/nutrition for their dogs. I understand there are many different way etc which is all fine, but as long as its in the right moderation and its nothing ridiculas (such as a vegatarian diet.....deadly serious.... its like c'mon luv, they are carnivores...)

    anyways thats my rant 😃

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