Met a Bouncing Basenji Jack Russel mix

  • My wife & I were walking our dogs and across the street we see this small dog that looked like a basenji. When It saw us its ears & body focused on us like a basenji.

    The owner came running over to us and explained she just adopted a Basenji jack russel mix from a shelter. It was really cute, smaller & thinner than a basenji with less white markings, but the fur, color (red) & facial wrinkles were all there.

    The biggest surprise was, however, it could leap straight up in the air, like a bouncing ball! This dog would be quite a handful.

    The owner said it behaved more basenji like, could only bark one bark at a time.

    A very cute dog.

  • I love it when we come across other basenjis or basenji mixes. It's kind of like meeting another from a special group you are all part of. đŸ™‚ On one walk, we met Kipawa's cousin!

  • OMG, a 'basenji' with a JRT bounce! Frightening thought! I imagine it was a really cute pup, hope you meet up with it again.

  • Houston

    YES, that does sound frightening..I am trying to envision what my home would be like with Pippin in a bouncing package…SCARY..hehe :):D, Puppy sounds adorable though.

  • My Basenjis jump straight in the air like this when we are walking in long grass so perhaps it's a Jack Russel trait as well..

  • Those JR's are like b's on crack! Really!!

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Those JR's are like b's on crack! Really!!

    My sister has a JR - when my B and he are together, it's like the B is the one on crack! LOL:eek:

  • I had one B girl who would stand next to the kitchen table and the next second go straight up and onto the table, If there was something there she wanted up she would go, no amount of training would keep her off, so no food on the table unless people were sitting there to guard it!

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