• I went to a board gaming party today and when I walked in I was greeted by a R/W female basenji!!! The owner said she rescued her from a family that had a pit bull and the basenji and the pit got into a big fight. I could see large scabs on the basenjis head and neck - didn't look like she was the winner. She said she was probably a puppy mill dog - I noticed she still had her dew claws. Not sure if that's really indicative of anything, but she sure was a cutie! 6.5 years old and very mild mannered. I asked the owner if she knew much about basenjis and she said no so I told her about Fanconi and the strip testing and the genetic tests.

    She also told me that she did pretty well off leash but then recounted how one time she ran into traffic and got run over by a truck! Luckily she was still alive and has been pretty well recovered…

    Cute little B..... so excited to have met another!

  • Sounds like the poor thing has had it rough. My new rescue has his dew claws. No big deal, they'll just need to be trimmed like the others. Will you have another chance talk to her?

  • I will probably see her again at another game night - but in the meantime I sent her an email w/ info on the protocol and monthly testing stuff. I hope I didn't come off as crazy w/ all the information overload but since I just went through it all w/ Tayda being diagnosed w/ Fanconi - I know how important it is and it's SO easy to think "I got MINE from a responsible breeder, so she can't have it."

    I also told her about the great forum we have here so hopefully she'll join!

  • Oh, that poor b..I hope the do some reading and keep her inside the house.
    Do let us know.

  • I sent the girl with the B I met the other day an email with info about Fanconi and about strip testing and the genetic test. Sadly I heard nothing back from her - I'm afraid maybe she didn't want to hear about it? Hopefully she thinks about it and does the strip testing.

  • Houston

    That is turly all you can do, right/ inform and hope they take it to heart. Good for you for informing her, hopefully she reads up and follow through on it.

  • i lived in ct for years recently moved out to dc area, comin to ct for 2 weeks in august if anyone wants to meet up i have 2 basenjis but one is sick and at the vet right now had first seizures today at almost 8 yrs old i pray to god she will be ok.

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