Looking for another basenji in Hampton Roads, Va

  • I have a three year old r&w male basenji who desperately needs to make friends

  • Are you looking for a playday?

  • I am looking for a play day. My B is fairly well behaved "tolerant" of other dogs provided they are similar size and not overly excitable. He will run and chase with other dogs, however if they are overly persistent in sniffing he protects his personal space.

  • Have you checked with any of the local basenji breeders to see if they have basenj classes? Did your breeder have such a class?

  • Unfortunately their aren't any breeders nearby. The closest is in North Carolina, almost 8hrs away. He was a stud dog "Fanconi Free" that I rescued from Nocturnal Kennels in Roxboro, NC because they kept two of the females he sired.

  • If he was a kennel dog then I would suggest you find a gentle trainer who deals with socialization of dogs, of any age, and take the classes. He might need a professional to help him become the basenji you want him to be.

  • Don't get me wrong, he is good with other dogs, and great with cats. His best friend is my roommates doxi-pin. He also got along well with my grandparents German Short Hair when we visited them in CO. He is making leaps and bounds in his progress. I've actually never seen any adult dog, especially a basenji, bond so fast with a new owner. He was my best friend the moment we met. Interesting since he is standoffish around other new people.

  • This is Achilles

  • Love the photo.. Good that he is improving so much, but you want to to be great with all dogs and all folks yes? Nothing wrong with classes. I am taking my Wheat to one. She tends to freeze and want to flee with new dogs..and this class is making a lot of difference in how she reacts. IMO, all classes are good, rally, agility, give them a try.
    Do it for the dog. My girl loves it and I go in with the attitude its going to be fun for her.

  • Love the picture of Achilles - that "one paw in the air" stance is really nice - my girl, Shaye, stands like that when she is considering whether she can get to a squirrel or some other thing before the leash runs out…....

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