Looking for basenji female.

  • its really nice to know that people such as yourselfs claim to be very good breeders or whatever you wont to call yourselfs, you know my friend told me that this is a nice websit for people to chat about basenji's, well i guess my friend is wrong because all i have talked to is snooty ass people on here who think their st dont stink all because they own a basenji and their rare. well let me tell you something if any of my friends ask me about this websit im going to tell them i dont recomend them usin this sit cause you all are asshole's and rudd as hell. i dont give a flying fk if the female is well bred i dont care if she is registered. as long as she is full blooded basenji and has great health, i dont care. my female at my moms is not registered and we sold her pups for 250 and ill be damned if im spending more than that on a dog. so all of yall can go to hell in my book. i have read somemore poeples threads on here that you all have talked to and yall are rudd to them! now i see why their aint maney people on here talking much anymore because yall are rudd and hateful. im speaking my mind and if any of yall dont like well thuff titty said the kitty when the milk went s***y more in less yall can kiss my full blooded cherokee ass cuz as far as im concered this websit sucks! and i wont ever use it again!

  • and for your info as well. yes y12 is a bomb plant i have been down there several times to pick up my boyfriend and the always ask why im there who am i and i have to give them my drivers license and i have done my research on the basenji's as well y12 so you people think that you all are better than everyone else well i hope you know your not everyone is equal! just because you have a rare dog doesnt mean you have to make people think you know it all when you dont! people like that these days are so funny but when people start proving your wrong is when its so funny cuz then you feel like the lowest man on the pole then. and i just sit back and laugh. lol… this websit is a joke!

  • I don't know what to think. I'm pretty sure it's a troll.
    Can we get the board closed?

  • I don't like you talk this way about the people on the forums, when I came to this forum everyone helped and answered my questions very well.

    Maybe it's because we all care about the breed so much, why are you argument so much if you care about the breed also?
    They just want to know more about your dogs, why won't you give them the information.
    If you are caring about the breed (you say you do) you don't have to hide anything and they might actually help you further. But on this way I don't think they want to help you.

  • Basenjilover01:
    One thing you have to understand is that responsible people do not think it is ok to breed a dog to try to get money. Clearly you are feeling offended at people's reaction; but you have to understand that most people find what you are trying to do abhorrent. You simply want to breed dogs for money. That is not a job. If you want to be a breeder, you should have an interest in making the breed better. Your primary interest should not be turning a buck off your dog's babies.

    Nobody here thinks we're special or that we even have a rare breed. You are just missing the point. There are plenty of dogs in the world already, and if your interest is not to better the bloodlines, then you shouldn't be breeding. There is no lack of puppies in the world, so you really don't need to create any more. Have you thought of how many thousands of unwanted dogs are put to sleep every day? If someone who buys your pup comes back to you ten years later with an old dog who is peeing all over the house and they don't feel like taking care of it anymore, will you take the dog back? You bred the dog, so it is your responsibility. Have you thought of that?

    If you sold your dogs for $250, there is no way you did the proper health testing on the dog. If you did, please kindly provide us with the pups' registered names so we can look up the test results. If you didn't, why not just admit honestly that you didn't even know what health testing you were supposed to do? People here can have a lot more patience for ignorance than for lying. Just be upfront… I am looking for any female basenji that I can breed to make money off of. I assure you, if you are willing to be educated as to why this is wrong, people here will definitely do all they can to help to educate you. At least just think about it. Anyone would help you to find a nice pet (because there are already so many homeless pets out there). However, people are not going to encourage you to irresponsibly breed more dogs, as that would make us irresponsible, too.

  • If our breed was so rare, we would not have so many in rescue. Please, educate yourself.
    Once you know better YOU can do better..by your dogs.

  • Troll…probably a teenager, playing a game to see how many angry responses he/she can get. Either that, or a pathetically ignorant human.

  • I knew this thread would get out of hand which is why i posted PLEASE BE FRIENDLY. I guess it wasnt big enough. . . its sad to see us push away people. 😞

    tlish i think you should have posted those words earlier. great post and i hope the OP reads yours above everyone elses!

  • Basenjilover01 - I am sorry you are taking peoples' comments as rude comments. If you re-read them, and stick around this forum for awhile, you will see that everyone here, regardless of their knowledge of basenjis, is welcome. I believe you got the bristles on peoples' backs up because everyone here is extremely concerned about the welfare of basenjis. The comments that have been made about health testing and it's importance are because there are people on this forum who are dealing with very life threatening illnesses with their basenjis - illnesses that can be prevented through careful breeding. It's heartbreaking to buy a basenji that does not have proper testing in their lineage, and find out a couple of years down the road how ill the dog is going to become.

    I am not a breeder, just a basenji owner. But I believe in doing everything you can to produce healthy puppies. Then, if you want to sell them, you can charge whatever price you feel comfortable with. There are just so many people here who know of sick dogs or dogs that are in rescue that have either health or personality issues. People are asking about the lineage of your dogs so that they can help you determine if you have dogs that should not be bred. I'm sure you yourself would hate to have puppies that were born and are unhealthy.

    There's no need to leave the forum. You just hit a nerve in people with some of your initial comments.

  • Thread closed, pending further investigation.

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