Looking at getting a Basenji.

  • Hey all,

    I'm doing some research about the next dog breed I want to get. I'm looking at a couple but like the idea of a Basenji, but just need some advice to see if I'd be a suitable owner. My main concern is that they are a hunting dog and I have a 2kg Chihuahua, could they live together, if the Basenji was introduced to my chi as a puppy? If they can live together, my other concerns are that they are comfortable to be left alone a max of 2 full days a week and also happy to do their own thing e.g. just laze around. I also read that they can be destructive and tear up furniture etc. is this common behaviour?

    Looking forward to any assistance 🙂

  • Probably O.K. with the Chihuahua if raised with it, although there are never guarantees when a pup becomes mature, but it wouldn't be a "hunting" thing, it would be becoming dog aggressive, which sometimes happens with any breed. As far as leaving alone full days, most Basenjis wouldn't like that but it would very much depend on living arrangements and possibly how well the pup bonded with the Chihuahua. Nobody can give you guarantees. As to destructiveness, again, depends on the individual and how you raise it. I've had five over the years and none were seriously destructive but I did experience some unwanted chewing of items when they were young and a couple of incidents with a dog I adopted as an adult, before we solved the problem. They are a breed that needs your time and attention and adequate exercise. Having the Chihuahua for company could be a plus.

  • I would never leave a Basenji to its own devices for a full day, let alone two ! They very easily get bored and lonely. Basenjis need company and something to interest them. A bored Basenji is a destructive Basenji.

    The two dogs might bond but the need to leave them alone would suggest a Basenji is not the right choice. I leave mine for an absolute maximum of 4 hours and that is only on very rare occasions. Even in the good old days when I had 8 living in the house at once, keeping each other company, they were never left alone for long.

  • @jordandwilly said in Looking at getting a Basenji.:

    to be left alone a max of 2 full days a week

    This part isn't clear to me.... are you referring to two consecutive days? Like, leave Friday night and return Sunday night?

  • @jordandwilly
    Would you leave a child all day unsupervised? Having a basenji is just like having a 3 year old mischievous child. Actually, I wouldn’t leave any breed of dog alone for an extended period of time.

  • Back in the day, I used to leave my two girls in the dog run with my Border Collie while we went to the lake for a day of sailing. On a nice day in summer it was never a problem, as they preferred to be outside in the sunshine even when we were home. Winter would be problematic, but they do much better with canine company when humans must be elsewhere....I should mention that my dog run was bigger than most people's entire city lots, and had both shade and shelter. A water bucket secured to the fence to prevent tipping, and they were happy campers until we returned.

  • @jordandwilly - I have placed puppies with people that had other breeds of dogs (and cats), including a chihuahua with no issues. Introduction is key. As far as leaving them alone, I assume you are talking about work? Or do you really mean 2 full days (24 hours), if so, I would never do that. I also would not place a puppy in that situation.

  • No no not 2 full days! I just mean for example leave alone on Wednesday for a day 9 - 5 and then again on a Friday 9 - 5. I’m not going to leave a dog alone for 2 full consecutive days.

  • @kembe I’m merely asking question so I can make sure I am getting the correct dog for my lifestyle. I leave my chihuahua home all day no issues. Your passive aggression is not warranted.

  • @jordandwilly - Thanks for clearing that up.... 9-5 is just fine, IMO.... I work and have always had to leave mine when I was at work, never an issue. That said, we were able to set up the house that access to the backyard (with 10 to 12' privacy fences) with a doggy door and a dog room in the house for them, Locks on the gates so there is NO access for anyone. Dogs sleep 90% of the day so being at work doesn't bother them... never have mine even when I had a litter in the house (And have been in the breed as owner/breeder for 35+ years). You can hire a dog walker to take them out mid day..which is a good solution. and give them a mid day meal depending on their age. I do not and never have used free feeding, period. Especially if you have more that one... you never know what/who is eating what. And you can set up camera's on line to watch them from "afar".... LOL. Keep in mind people that many of us need to work and have day jobs. The most important thing is the time you need to spend with them when you are home. Example would be, if you have young children and you work... when you get home you are going to spend your time with your human children... NO dog would be happy if left out... they need their time also because they are a family member and need as much time as a human child. Again in my opinion

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