• I’m planning on getting a basenji. I’ve done tons of research and I think I am prepared! I have discussed it with me whole family (mom, dad, and young brother of 10) about everything and we are all willing to pitch in and make sure that he gets his exercise. The only matter is that my mom does not want him inside ALL the time. During his first year, he will be living inside and we will take him outside for potty training every hour or so. Once he gets older, he CAN still be inside when we are home, but he will be outside when we have family over or when we are out and cannot bring him a long. He will sleep inside and outside, wherever he prefers. My dad is making him a house outside for him to chill in and it will have a fan/ac so that he does not over heat in the sun. What do you guys think? Is it ok for a basenji to be outside for about 6-7 hours a day?

  • Basenjis want to be near “their people”. We become part of their pack. My basenji watches everything I do and wants to be “part of the family”. She knows EVERYTHING that goes on in this house. You might want to reconsider getting a basenji unless you are able to fully accommodate the dog. My basenji does have access to a doggie door - but I would NEVER leave her outside alone 6-7 hours even w/ the accommodations you mention. Having a basenji is like having a 3 year old CHILD - it’s a LIFETIME COMMITMENT! And it’s our responsibility to give the Basenji the BEST possible life it deserves. The basenjis will give back to you more than you’ll ever given them.

  • As noted, Basenjis like to be with their people. Most I have known would not be happy to be stuck outside alone for hours at a time. What can work is to have two of them.....my girls would spend hours in the dog run, especially on sunny days, and wouldn't lobby to come in as long as the weather was good. But when I only had one, the dog run was never a solution and after the "necessary" was dealt with, the dog wanted back in the house with us. I don't think your plan is likely to work out unless the Basenji you get is unusually independent. A Basenji with access to a dog door might choose to be outside, but if the choice is taken away you have a whole new ballgame!

  • @kembe Thank you so much for the feedback. I think you are right, I might just wait until I have my own place and I am able to provide him the space and company he needs!!

  • As noted this will not work for a Basenji. They need to be with the family... and honestly from a responsible breeder they would not place a pup with you and as a breeder I would not either. Yes that is harsh... but it is a fact... and again honestly... not dog would be happy outside like that... and as eeeefarm said, a home with a doggy door that they can come and go works...

  • @tanza I agree! It is essential and I definitely look forward to installing one if I ever get a dog in the future! Thank you!

  • @alicia-oro
    I commend you in asking the right questions and showing the responsibility to inquire about basenjis on this forum. It shows great maturity and responsibility. When the time is right - you will have a basenji and you will be a great basenji parent.Some things in life are all about timing. - you’ll know when the time is right. Best wishes in your future ownership of a basenji.🐾🐕❤

  • @kembe Thank you! I believe that having a dog, more specifically a puppy, is a great responsibility and should not be some sort of impulse decision. Although I do hope that that day is not too far!😁

  • @alicia-oro I panicked when I read your first post and was about the scream NO ! but I am behind (or in front of, whichever way you look at it) US time zones, and as I read further I see others have dissuaded you from having a Basenji and keeping him in the way your mother would have it.

    Wise and kind decision. That sort of life is not for one of this exciting and challenging breed and I am delighted you will wait till you can treat one as he/she deserves.

    May that time come soon - Good luck

  • Basenjis are smart, just put in a doggy door and he can care for himself.

  • on the heat of the sun???? Basenji love the heat. If you had a fireplace, it will be within inches of the hot logs.

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