Thinking of getting a Basenji

  • Welcome to the Forum. What part of England do you live?

    I've always found that Basenjis love Agility but not so fond of obedience although they are very good at that too. Clicker Training is ideal. They don't respond as well to formal training.

    Well done for researching the breed first. Have you visited with Basenjis in their own homes yet?

  • Thanks for the reply!

    We live in the South of England, haven't visited any yet but will soon as just contacted a breeder to ask when the next litter is due and then will ask if I can visit beforehand.

    Thanks for the tips. Do you think they will get on fine with the new puppy? Or I should say the new puppy with them?

  • Hello, welcome to the forum from another UK member
    It would be hard for anyone to say whether your dogs would get on with a new puppy. It all depends on temperaments and circumstances.
    Obviously you will know that there are things you can do to help the dogs get on such as making sure non of them have reason to be jealous.
    I'm sure if you search the forum there will be plenty of info re introducing dogs and your breeder will be able to advise too

  • re agility and basenjis

    I find my basenjis are much more aware and sensitive to the environment than my friends' terriers. Otherwise, I think you'll find many similarities, but the basenjis have their own twist on things. 😉
    good luck!

  • Thanks both, I think the first thing I will teach will be recall. Even though I know it's hard for a Basenji. Hopefully my JRT's will keep her active.

    Just chosen a name for whenever I get her 🙂

  • Recall requires a LOT of maintenance. I'd guess the terrors, er terriers, are the same, just basenjis can run faster.

    Are you telling people the name? I picked out Zest!'s name before I got her, then had to find the dog that fit the name. I said to myself, "I want an agility dog named Zest!" And so, the rest is history.

    Are your Jack's long legged? Seems like on this side of the pond what was the JRT is suddenly 3 breeds - Parson's, JRT, and Russels. I can't keep them straight.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I can tell you guys the name lol

    Not sure when I'm getting her so not telling people yet.

    All I know is long-legged JRT's are called Parsons and are recognised by our kennel club and any other JRT's are not and just called JRT's.

    Mine are not long-legged 🙂

    Queta \qu(e)-ta\ as a girl's name is pronounced KAY-tah. It is of Spanish origin.

  • Your JRT's will have the energy to keep up (sort of) with the basenji, but be sure to give it a little time before you commit - some JRT's (like my sister's) absolutely have no liking for basenjis, because the B will immediately assume he or she is top dog. My sister's JRT is also the short-legged type. He hates Shaye, but it may just be those two particular dogs ?

  • Thanks for the reply.

    We have one Basenji round here and mine get on fine with her 🙂

  • I have a general question. Does anybody elses Basenji not like to be picked up. Ours sometimes loves it, and sometimes not. Also
    sometimes she runs up to dogs as quiet as can be and plays, and than other times she makes a squeeling noise, and people
    are afraid she is picking a fight with their dog. But I think shes just talking. She squeels at our new Whippet puppy, and loves to
    play with her and is as gentle as can be, considering the Whippet puppy is really rough on my poor Basenji baby girl. does anyone
    know what the squeeling means. The baroo I get she does that all the time. The squeeling is confusing.

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