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Thank you all so much for helping me out☺️ If I get a basenji i will definitely have a day care just when I made the post I was a bit unsure if that was an option. Since you guys don’t think that my schedule will fit for a basenji do you know any other day that doesn’t bark, can stay in realllyyyyyyy hot weather and can fit my schedule

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I would really like a Basenji but I’m not sure if he/she will be happy here. I currently live in Duabi (you may know that it’s BOILING 🥵 here) and I’ll be out at work for 9 or 10 hours a day so the dog will be home alone with air conditioning and maybe in a crate , I’m not too sure yet. When I get back home I will also have additional work and in the weekend I’ll probably be out for half of the day. Obviously after work I’ll spend time with her/him but I’m not sure if they will be happy. I would really appreciate if you guys can help me out / tell me from your experience if the dog will be happy with my environment and daily routine. Would you guys suggest I get one knowing that I’m busy or do you think a basenji isn’t such a good idea for me and my timetable? And is a basenji easy to house train?do they bite and rip up furniture?

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