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@kembe I’m merely asking question so I can make sure I am getting the correct dog for my lifestyle. I leave my chihuahua home all day no issues. Your passive aggression is not warranted.

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No no not 2 full days! I just mean for example leave alone on Wednesday for a day 9 - 5 and then again on a Friday 9 - 5. I’m not going to leave a dog alone for 2 full consecutive days.

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Hey all,

I'm doing some research about the next dog breed I want to get. I'm looking at a couple but like the idea of a Basenji, but just need some advice to see if I'd be a suitable owner. My main concern is that they are a hunting dog and I have a 2kg Chihuahua, could they live together, if the Basenji was introduced to my chi as a puppy? If they can live together, my other concerns are that they are comfortable to be left alone a max of 2 full days a week and also happy to do their own thing e.g. just laze around. I also read that they can be destructive and tear up furniture etc. is this common behaviour?

Looking forward to any assistance 🙂

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