should I get a basenji?

While adult dogs sleep up to 17 hrs a day, Basenjis want to sleep with someone. My girl will sleep next to my computer or on the sofa where she can watch me. When my daughter is here, if she takes a nap, Cara follows her to bed. She goes with me to bed at night. She just needs a human. So 9 hrs a day work, more work when you get home... the only way you could make it work is to get up an hour early and really take her for a run, training and stimulation, same when you got home, another hour before bedtime. It wouldn't be ideal, but okay. But how can you commit 14 hrs a day to work/afterwork/dog 7 days a week, 365 a year and have any time for yourself?

If there is a shelter with a geriatric dog that needs a home, maybe. But it needs to be a less social and far less destructive one.

I have found that if a basenji is left alone for long periods, it will FIND something to do, many times not what we would call good dog behavior. In a crate, in my experience, that has been screaming (sometimes I\we wish they would just bark!) One can only imagine how it will find something to do if left alone in a home.

That being said, I think it's FANTASTIC that you are asking this question now. If asked AFTER you got a basenji, it would probably result in an unhappy basenji.

I would not rule out a B forever, but maybe someday your life will accommodate the quirks of the breed better, and you and the B will spend many many, happy years together.

Basenjis are wonderful dogs....I think they are the best!!!! But you are better to wait until you can give a dog (any dog) the love and attention they crave. When your schedule allows you to really have the time to walk your Basenji, play with him/her, sleep with him/her and just enjoy their antics in general, THAT is the time to get a fabulous Basenji pet. Right now, the Basenji won't be happy so neither will you. But I promise that those of us who love Basenjis will do our best to help you get your dream pet when your schedule permits. Please stay in touch!!!! And I hope your schedule slows a little---it sounds like you need more play time!!!!

Thank you all so much for helping me out☺️ If I get a basenji i will definitely have a day care just when I made the post I was a bit unsure if that was an option. Since you guys don’t think that my schedule will fit for a basenji do you know any other day that doesn’t bark, can stay in realllyyyyyyy hot weather and can fit my schedule

If you are determined to have a dog, I would absolutely rule out a puppy. You simply don't have the time to do it justice. Perhaps an older, settled dog that wouldn't mind sleeping the day away while you are at work. Possibly a retired Greyhound? They are generally quiet, and contrary to what you might think, don't require a lot of exercise. It's also a breed that does well in the heat.

Honestly, with your schedule... to just be blunt, it would be selfish to take almost any dog other than a geriatric one. Even that is a bit sad to have them alone most of the time. Many dogs do not enjoy doggy daycare. The idea that dogs are children in dog suits and need lots of playmates isn't real.

I am glad you are asking, but it seems your WANTING a dog totally outweighs your willingness to hear that your life right now isn't really good for a dog.

@debradownsouth said in should I get a basenji?:

it would be selfish to take almost any dog other than a geriatric one

Or a stuffed one ! Why anyone would even contemplate introducing any dog, let alone a Basenji, into a life such as described, is completely beyond me.

I hope no breeder would consider selling a puppy into this environment - I know I never would. I expect my puppy people to give the pups a good, loving, caring, attentative environment.

Dogs are NOT toys you can put back in the cupboard when they interfere with your life style - so a stuffed one which could go back into the cupboard would be the best option

When I got my first Basenji I was on the rebound from having to put down our family Sheltie. I wanted a dog so badly, and when I saw a Basenji advertised in the paper I just had to have her! Val and I had some good times, but I was in my early twenties, raging hormones and all that, and I came to know that between work and a social life, I wasn't able to provide her with all that she needed. I was still living at home, so she was not being left alone for long periods of time, but once I came to the realization that I couldn't do her justice I started looking for a solution to the problem. Val loved children, and I was fortunate enough to find her a home with 3 kids, whom she adored. I kept in touch, and she was happy to see me when I visited, but she loved those kids and I doubt she would have traded them for a life with me, even though she loved the freedom of going to the barn and accompanying me on rides through the countryside. Her new family had a cottage on an island, where she got the freedom she desired.

Long story short, what we want passionately may not be what we should have. Fortunately I recognized that and was able to rectify my mistake to the benefit of both myself and my dog. Had no appropriate family been available, of course I would have kept Val and done right by her, but I doubt either of us would have been as happy with the result. Word to the wise: wait until the time is right, even if you really, really want a dog now. It may save you both a lot of grief.

@eeeefarm said in should I get a basenji?:

wait until the time is right, even if you really, really want a dog now

I agree... with everyone. Sometimes you just need to accept that (no matter how much you want a dog/car/kid/house) you aren't quite ready for it. I waited 5 years before I brought my Basenji home and it was probably the most adult thing I've ever done. I was still in recovery from a spinal injury and knew that I wouldn't be able to provide (her) the exercise she would want and require. Waiting made all the difference in the world. Whan I was finally ready, the most perfect little girl was ready for me.

Don't fret about it. You can read, research, consider all of your options, and really prepare yourself. (Don't look at puppy pictures online! You'll fall in love without even meeting the pup(s) and it will pull at your heartstrings.) Remind yourself that "one day you will have a Basenji", just not today.

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