I saw another Basenji walking in my neighborhood!

And I couldn't believe it. She was red (rust?) and white! I was able to stop my car and speak to the owners. I told them about my Pearl. This B was their 2nd one, a rescue, the first passed away.

I was so excited! I wish Pearl was more dog friendly, I would love to see if they could get along. But alas, Pearl is not easy to get along with. I still love her!

Isn't it nice?

LOL one day I was at cracker barrel with my daughter (no dogs of course), but I have a basenji and rottie sticker on my car. This woman comes out and says "Are you Debra Levey?" I said "Yes." She said she figured, not many people in the area had Rotties AND Basenji. She had basenji and lived in the county above us and saw me on a message board.

It's exciting when you see another Basenji. Several people have told us there are two Basenjis living in the next village. We know the rough location and went for a walk down the lane yesterday but no luck.


I really hope to see these people again. I will take pearl on walks that way and hopefully see them.

Pearl really likes to stay on our cul-de-sac. I believe she feels its her territory. How funny, she is still undomesticated in many ways. Just one of the reasons I love her so much.

It is exciting to other Basenjis, they are rare!

I saw a basenji at the dog park I like to go to once, Fleet People's Park in Winter Park, FL. Was neat to actually see one up close like that for once. I've never saw a full blood one, just my mixes 😉

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