Questions for a future forever mom

  • Cheers everyone, part 1

    I first discovered Bs five years ago. Though I've met some very intriguing breeds since, I have to say a B would fit me to a tee. My child is grown, my Siamese pairs are all in cat heaven. Conversely my condo complex has many various pets and children. I would like to become a forever family is for a B or pair. I have registered with BRAT (USA Basenji rescue~focused group), contacted local reliable breeders and shelters. I am in no hurry and looking for a good match. I was worried about how to give my future B enough daily workout and then found a lure coursing machine! What a great idea as there is no way I could run that fast with toilet paper hanging off my shoe!

  • I'm also considering a "thunder shirt". If not familiar, search it, let me know what you think. I wonder if anyone has come up with a car harness that I could slide the backseat belts through so the B could enjoy the breeze, but any quick motion would keep them safely in the car.
    Anyway, trying to coordinate with some local shelters to get some B face time. I saw from previous (though dated) posts there is a good B vet in Vista California. Info please? Also, does one have to secure all their cabinets, sliding closet doors etc in their homes?
    Any other tips you've learned that you would have liked to have known before your got your B? Send it to me. Praying for a pair that need a good home, Dawn

  • Have you tried contacting Karen Jones with MedFly? They are Basenji Rescue in Southern California,

  • If you enjoy biking, several members of our basenji club use the walkey dog attachment on their bike and take their senjis on 3-5 mile bike rides daily. I used to run 5k a day with my girl when we lived in TX.

  • Yes Tanza, I have contacted Karen via email to try and visit May 15th on a Sunday if they're open & available so I could meet Bs in person. So far no reply, but no hurry. I want a good match~ Lisa, I'm nearly 60 with lousy knees so the lure machine was a prayer answered… though I read where someone had one B that loved chasing lures and the other could care less. That Bs to a tee eh?! Dawn

  • Dawn, Karen does have some lovely rescues..BRAT also does.
    You can also go to BCOA and see about breeders in your area. Some breeders, through no fault of the dogs or theirs, have had dogs returned to them.
    There are many good ways to aquire a basenji..I hope you are successful.

  • I think i'd try a DAP before the thunder shirt. i think it'd be cheaper. I've used a Springer attachment for my bike. Did pretty good. probably should use it more.

    I have not had to child proof cabinets, but there is an xpen in front of my sliding glass door so that I can open it w/o worrying about the basenjis going through the screen door.

  • what is it? where is it? Thanks! Dawn

  • I do have to keep kitchen cabinets closed with a dog collar around the knobs. Kell got in the pantry not too long ago and ran around the house throwing marshmellows out of the bag he stole and he had eaten a hole in it. Thankfully he left the bag of powdered sugar alone, that would have been a real mess to clean up. he also loves to grab bags of potatoes and run around with those falling out too. I would love a lure coursing machine! Dawn

  • Topper once got a 5# bag of powdered sugar, fortunately only about a cup of it got strewn around, but yes, what a mess. I kept a bungee on one cabinet or years, current basenjis don't get into cabinets.

    If you don't get really young dogs, a nice walk a few tines a day is enough, or a daily trip to a good dog park is great for using energy. And like people, not all need a lot of exercise. I usually get rescues that are between 2 and 3 and not so wild!

    Good luck, basenjis fit in lots of different environments and they will train you so don't fret too much about a 'perfect match'! There are several types of harnesses that attach to seat belts, but many use a crate in the car.

  • Thank you for the encouragement… the match will be perfect however it goes! Yeah, my vehicle could handle up to 2 crates, good tip! Looks like I might want to put knobs on my cabinets (or Velcro?). I've looked to the top of my fridge and wondered if I might find my B up there some day. A cat would do so! Dawn

    PS. Deschroedter, do a search and you will find the machine I found made in San Diego & let me know what you think.

  • I have a thunder shirt that I use on one of my dogs for her travel anxiety. I would never leave a dog Unattended in a shirt or collar as they can get caught and choke. Many basenjis eat holes in any bedding left in their crate. I know someone who recently lost a basenji that injestdd part of her blanket and died of a blockage.

  • wow, good to know! Well what does the B lay on in the crate? Just the floor? I suppose since they're from Africa they sleep mat style like everyone else! Thanks, Dawn
    PS chipping this breed seems like a no brainer if it's not wise to keep a collar on them when at home inside.

  • suki eats her bedding as well (and mine, too - my poor bedspread!). i've had good luck with fleece blankets for her. for some reason, they are not as chewable or are not as interesting to chew since they don't really shred. for suki, the satisfaction is in the shredding, not the eating!

  • @MacPack:

    Topper once got a 5# bag of powdered sugar, fortunately only about a cup of it got strewn around, but yes, what a mess. I kept a bungee on one cabinet or years, current basenjis don't get into cabinets.

    Really? Was Topper loose in the house when you're not home? Digital the brindlewonderkid is loose when I'm not home but the others are locked up. And of course Diggie would never do anything wrong, so I don't put anything up. (except the other dogs, that is)

    So newbie, you bought a real lure machine? wow! you have fenced land for it? otherwise, google "Flirt Pole" - that's a fun toy for the badsenjis, esp if there's a skin on the end of the line. (mine has a coyote tail, for what it's worth) And you can make your own.

    Here's info on the DAP

    not saying amazon is the cheapest, just easy to find on line. There is also a DAP spray.

    And newbie - I think you should have picked a different handle. I can tell you will not fit "newbie" nor "wannabe" for very long. 😉

  • When Topper got into my pantry, I was home watching TV, duh. And yes, all ours are out whether we are home or gone, we have never had to crate anyone.(only taking dogs older than 2 has advantages) Dog door, fenced yard, couch-potatoes, most mischief when we are home and not paying attention!

  • Welcome and I do hope you find 2 Basenjis soon for your forever home. What's a thundershirt, please?

  • @Patty:

    Welcome and I do hope you find 2 Basenjis soon for your forever home. What's a thundershirt, please?

    I too hope you find a pair of Basenjis to fit your lifestyle. Being older with bad knees is our problem, too. Actually, I have a decade on you, and although it isn't easy, we find ways to be sure our girls, (2 1/2 and 3) get exercise - mainly dog parks and short walks, runs next to the golf cart, etc. I also wonder what a thundershirt is? They say having children when you are older than usual keeps you young - it's the same with having Basenjis - you have to keep thinking young to keep up with them. LOL.;)

  • LOL, this is sad. I was looking for something and removed a child proof device to open the entertainment doors. My daughter said "I am not a toddler any more." I said, "Yeah but the basenjis learned how to open it." Sigh.

    Brat has some basenjis NOW that only can be placed as pairs. I'll alert them to your post. I would LOVE a lure coursing machine but my back fence is only about 25 x 52 or so… SO I just use the lure whip like device to let Cara chase.

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